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You Will Find No Good People In The Middle East.

Since the new Israeli war started a week ago, Social Media sites have become inundated with people cheering for their side of this war. It’s like they are watching a Call Of Duty match on Twitch or watching Christians fighting lions in a Roman Coliseum.

These people believe the atrocities on one side of the war are justified over the other side’s atrocities. Instead of being disgusted by all of the atrocities, no matter what side did them.

So now the rest of the normal population who believes all atrocities are wrong are stuck watching each of these sides flog each other, like rabid devoted Christians. This should be considered a mental illness in a normalized society.

The Middle East is not America. They do not share our values and they have a right to not have our values. You may believe that fair, just, and sane people exist in the Middle East and I am here to tell you, that you are in for a very long wait.

Western Culture is not welcome in this region, the Middle Eastern region has committed atrocities against each other for thousands of years. Middle Eastern cultures do not need us, do not want us and they do not value our culture. So if you believe that good people exist with Western cultural values, in the Middle East, you are simply wrong. You only have varying degrees of bad.

The Israelis and the other powers within the region have the ability to resolve their own issues. It will not be resolved in a manner that would be approved by current Western Societal culture and we as Americans need to accept that.

This opinion is my own and that of the WaveChronicle website.

Mike Dodd

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