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Application Terms of Service

Applications are offered as per the appropriate marketplace based on the purchase process in the associated marketplace which may include free. Applications may be revoked by those marketplaces and may be removed w/o reason however to the best of my ability I’ll work to not allow that to happen. User information is not collected as per Privacy Policy for more information.

Privacy Policy

Information that is gathered from visitors

In common with other applications and websites, log files, user information and the like unless explicitly stated in an application and approved by the user are NOT stored or cached or collected in any way including details such as the visitor’s IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit. As a rule, my applications use and store information only on the users’ system or in the users roaming profile provided by the device or account and not accessible to us in any way. User’s data belongs to the user and not ours and therefore not collected. Since I’m strongly against the miss use of information like this I do my best to protect users of my applications the same way I would want my information protected.

How the Information is used

User information is used by my applications only in the context of the applications and not shared by the application in any way. Whiles users may choose to share content a user would have to specifically do that with intent and not done automatically by users and generally that is still regarding the sharing of application data and not anything specific to the user that can be shared.

E-mail addresses will not ever be sold, rented, leased or viewable to 3rd parties or anyone else by me and as rule apps don’t collect this information.

Applications do at times use advertising controls that may collect generic information about location or preferences used by the application but not user-specific information. If you find evidence that this is not the case please contact us so we can review this and approach the marketplace in question about how their advertising control working and that we can remove it from the applications. In some cases, applications will use live id for authentication purposes only to the point of uniquely identifying users. For example, application x users live id to identify drawing surface data that it is posting to a public web service so users can have others subscribe to whiteboard sessions. But the live id account information is not stored or used on the service other than the username for data interchange between two application sessions.'


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