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The Social Contract – Israeli War In Gaza

What I am going to do is start with the concept of The Social Contract and its general meaning in the West.


The idea of the social contract significantly impacted American politics. It asserts that the state exists to serve the will of the people, who hold the ultimate political power. Citizens can choose to grant or withhold this power, shaping the foundations of the American political system

Moral and Political Obligations: Social contract theory suggests that our moral and political obligations arise from an agreement among individuals to form the society in which they liveIt allows us to live morally by choice, rather than due to divine mandates.

In summary, the social contract provides a framework for understanding the relationship between individuals and the state, emphasizing consent, rights, and order.

The war in Gaza started when the inhabitants decided to fly on hang gliders, with knives and guns and seek to kill any Jew they found. It did not matter if that person was a child, elderly, or a woman. The inhabitants of Gaza made no grand plan to assault military targets on those particular raids. They wanted to kill innocent civilians.

Neither I nor you can go back in time and fix that bad decision. The inhabitants of Gaza decided to break the Social Contract and kill their neighbors. I do not understand what you want Israel to do. You simply cannot go back to what it was and allow Jews to live next to people who generally want to kill all of them. You may say that is an overreaction, but, we had people in hang gliders, who took guns and knives and flew into Israel and killed any Jew they found.

I understand that many people within the Transhumanist networks just like the Blue-Haired Woke People want to side with the underdog and demand a ceasefire to protect human life. It sounds noble to support the underdog but the underdog decided to kill innocent women and children with no intent to attack military targets. Picking what group of humans you want to support over another group of humans will not settle anything.

Israel has a people to protect and some Transhumanists and the Blue-Haired Woke People have zero concept of what that means, especially now that we have a rise in antisemitic behavior. Israel now has a responsibility to protect not only the inhabitants within Israel but also those on the outside because of the rise in antisemitic behavior in the West.

You cannot have a blind ceasefire until you have contrition from the inhabitants of Gaza that they will not continue to break the Social Contract and seek to kill their neighbors.

For my Transhumanist friends, I would like to remind you. We as a people can only grow and become in an environment that fosters peace. We have zero ability to move our society forward in an environment where war, hate, and death are everywhere. Be very careful what you choose to support because now Jews are under attack, tomorrow, those people can easily be you.

I and the WaveChronicle support Love, Peace, and Tranquility. I hope that the war in Gaza ends soon with as little loss of life and property as soon as possible but I support Israel in whatever decision that they make to protect Jews, home or abroad.

My suggestion is that you should do the same.

Mike Dodd

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