Remember Who We Are

I have seen a number of posts and comments from Transhumanists putting economy over lives during this COVID-19 Pandemic. This mentality is not who we are. We hold life as the highest endeavour and it [...]

2030 The Film

Johnny Boston was 10 years old when he first met FM-2030, a futurist who intended to live forever. But in 2000, after his body ceased to function, FM was cryonically-preserved. 16 years later, an unexpected [...]

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Peter Schiff: Trump Effect On The Stock Market

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews Peter Schiff 2016. Click Here to Support!… Get the New AMTV Coffee Cup Rogue Black… Now on Sale!! $9.99👊🏻 AMTV Subscribe on Demand: Website: AMTV […]


Why Economists Are Always Wrong

TRANSCRIPT AND MP3:… The state of affairs in economics is not just embarrassing, it’s downright perplexing. Economics is a science, right? It must follow some ironclad laws of the physical universe then, mustn’t it? […]

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