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The Real Man

This video has been everywhere and every single time I see it, I watch it. It is a way of life we use to have across the globe. We use to help our neighbors, damn […]


The Mont Order’s View On Globalism

Originally Published By Dissident Voice. In October, the Mont Order society’s top bloggers talked about the central role of technology in political and social change. Mentioning that the Mont Order and other modern political gatherings […]


Why Global Warming Failed

CLIMATE CHANGE IS VERY REAL – BUT THE OFFICIALS HAVE JEOPARDIZED OUR ABILITY TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Global warming models/predictions have been an abject failure for 20 years, and yet the IPCC claims ever-higher […]


Rethink your life – Joe Rogan

For more info on Joe Rogan please click the following link: http://joerogan.net/ With any Joe Rogan video and commentary, you will find adult content. Mike DoddI have a wide range of views and opinions. I have […]

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