Leadership in Action – Barbara Albani

April 24, 2017 Guest Author 0

Leadership can take many different forms. If you use leadership to take action then change can occur. Dr. Barbara Albani is the Medical Director of the Department of NeuroInterventional Surgery at Christiana Care Hospital in […]


Shots Fired

April 6, 2017 Guest Author 0

You may think you know everything about the police, BUT YOU DON’T  Keep in touch with me around the web for more inspiring content. // @PrinceEa Special thanks to FOX Shot’s Fired […]


Trew Advice – Russell Brand

March 21, 2017 Guest Author 0

In today’s Trews I respond to your comments on various subjects.  My new tour ‘Russell Brand Re:Birth’ is coming to YOUR town – go to… Listen to my new podcast Under The Skin here… Subscribe […]


The Future I Believe In

March 15, 2017 Guest Author 0

THE FUTURE I BELIEVE IN  It is those better ways of doing things that will change this world. Learn more about YOUR choices here: For audio only version go here.… Stay in Touch with me […]


Inverted State – Chris Hedges

March 8, 2017 Guest Author 0

Chris Hedges on the transition from Nation State to Corporate State – the disempowerment of citizenry by capitalist power. Thanks to Temujin Doran for Obey: From Chris Hedges bestseller: Death of The Liberal Class […]


Rebirth – Alan Watts

March 1, 2017 Guest Author 0

Shiva is always the destroyer in the sense of the liberator. “The world is in a golden age to begin with, it’s perfect. Then when we get a little more adventurous you see..” ———————- Thanks […]