No Heat? No Problem: Ultrasonic Dryer

April 26, 2017 Mike Dodd 0

Department of Energy We spend $9 billion each year powering our clothes dryers. That’s a lot of money and energy (up to 4% of America’s residential energy use) we’re wasting. But scientists at Oak Ridge […]


Light Rain, Bacteria, & The Spread Of Pathogens

March 17, 2017 Guest Author 0

Using high-resolution imaging, researchers from MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering observed the effect of raindrops falling on dry soil laden with bacteria. (Learn more:…) Watch more videos from MIT:… The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is […]


Listening to the Universe

March 13, 2017 Guest Author 0

Katherine Dooley, a University of Mississippi assistant professor of physics and astronomy, worked in collaboration with researchers across the globe to detect gravitational waves in a monumental effort to prove Einstein’s last theory, today she […]


Mysterious Sounds From Space

February 11, 2017 Guest Author 0

In this episode, we explore the causes of such mysterious sounds, which originate from the Earth/Sun electrical connection. Observers of the spectacular Northern Lights are offering new testimony on the amazing sounds produced from electromagnetic […]


Underwater Gel Robots

February 9, 2017 Guest Author 0

Engineers at MIT have fabricated transparent gel robots that can perform a number of fast, forceful tasks, including kicking a ball underwater, and grabbing and releasing a live fish. (Learn more:…) Soft Active Materials Laboratory: […]