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JWST – Controversies & Conclusions

Presented posthumously, this is the fourth and final excerpt from the concluding transcript of the JWST VALIDATION Series written by Wal Thornhill. Narrated by Stuart Talbott.

Wal often drew attention to the importance of admissions made by mainstream scientists when unexpected results are first obtained. One frequently encounters unusual candor about the results falsifying prevailing theories in the first statements and ‘rush’ papers.

The controversy about whether Webb’s first images disproved the Big Bang was soon evident when New Scientist published in late July 2022, “A team at the University of Missouri claims to have found a galaxy at a redshift of 20, so it would have to have formed within 180 million years of the big bang – far earlier than we expect…” Followed by the comment, “That, essentially, would break galaxy evolution…it could mean that we have deeply misunderstood the physics of galaxy and star formation in the early universe.”

As we continue to see discordant observations coming from the Webb Telescope, Standard Model cosmologists will come up with new theories of star and galaxy formation in an attempt to save Big Bang dogma—just as they did with dark matter, inflation, and dark energy—invented when intractable problems emerged from undeniable observations.

Isaac Newton wrote in a 1675 letter to Robert Hooke, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” However, it is essential to first find the historical Giants facing in the right direction.

That was the challenge of Wal Thornhill.

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