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The Hidden History of Las Vegas

“The Hidden History of Las Vegas” is a short documentary intended for educational purposes. This video touches on the relationship between the LDS church and Sin City, the men who made Vegas what it is today, and the corporate takeover of the strip. Sources are always pinned as the top comment.

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The Money and the Power
By Sally Denton, Roger Morris

A Short History of Las Vegas by Barbara Land


Mafia’s Top Lawyer Who Runs Las Vegas

How 1950s Las Vegas Sold Atomic Bomb Tests as Tourism

Las Vegas Underground Vaults to Secret Surveillance Centers
(around the 8:20 mark “we meet with DHS and Israeli special forces”)

Is Israel Key to preventing another Vegas tragedy


The tunnel people of Las Vegas: How 1,000 live in flooded labyrinth under Sin City’s shimmering …

Harry Reid sells his home in Searchlight to mining company.

Sitting on a gold mine? Harry Reid’s Nevada hometown up for sale

Harry Reid, Gold Member

Here’s how land is used by the federal government in Nevada

ADL takes Las Vegas Law Enforcement to Israel for Counter-Terrorism Training

Suffering Effects of 50’s A-Bomb Tests

Nuclear explosions from the past are still causing cancer and health problems today

My Life as One of Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s ‘Pleasure Wives’

Who Killed Bugsy Siegel?

ACT OF 1871 doc

The United States is a Corporation

Schumpeter: The Mormon way of business

LDS masonry

Document containing the correspondence, orders &c. in relation to the disturbances with the Mormons


Hank Greenspun FBI file

Unsung hero to Israel, and humanity

Mormons and Masons: 5 Fascinating Connections

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