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Climate Forcing – Our Future is Cold

Editors Note: This is an important discussion. You will need to engage your brain and think. Use common sense and listen to what is being said. Current Climate Science does not use all available data. You should demand that any government uses solid science and use complete analysis and not just political and social agenda. It is time to apply science and not focus on a political, social or religious belief on a scientific agenda.

Climate Change, Solar Forcing, Ice Age | From volcanic cooling born beneath our feet to the most seemingly distant reaches of both space-time, we layout Climate Forcing: the problems, path forward, and character of the finish line.

This Will Be a Key Topic at OTF2020 in Denver:

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This is the 3rd film we released this month, here are the other two:

Special Thanks to Dr. Brian Tinsley, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at Dallas

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