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Documenting The Roots Of Fascism In The 21st Century

Editors Note: I find it humorous how people will go back into history to find failed ideas to move people forward. Even though I am skeptical, you never know when a good idea is going to come forth.

Western Society is being betrayed by those who should be the caretakers. You currently have the Democratic Party in the USA backing terrorist organizations like #BLM & #Antifa. I can remember a better time when Democrats had the policy that “We will talk with anyone”, instead, the Democratic party now believes that you can discriminate against anyone because of their political leaning.

The shit in the USA has and is going sideways. Sadly, Canada and Europe are sliding in the same direction.  This is being done for a reason and is not a coincidence.

When I listened to this discussion, it really sounds like they wanted the ideals of the defunct, Zero State. Some of those ideals have been kept alive and can be found on this very website. Please click on the link to: The Way Of The Sea.

With all of this being said, enjoy the video discussion below:

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“For A New Fascism” is the newest documentary film from Richard Heathen of Liberty Machine News.
What happens when society is overrun by the revolutionary left? Historically nationalist right-wing movements rise to meet the challenge, when Marxist egalitarians agitate and disrupt the status quo to implement their agenda. The resulting collision rocks nations, and some times civilizations, to their very core.

In Western Civilization today these tensions are on the rise in many countries. From the United States to Europe, nationalists and radical egalitarians are meeting head on and exploding in to conflict, often resulting in  violence.  With the election of President Donald Trump, and the ever increasing organization of the far right, these tensions are only going to escalate.

What does this mean for the future of the West?  Could this be a sign of the decline of Western Civilization? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Richard Heathen about his newest documentary “For A New Fascism” which documents the history of fascist movements and the clash between the “tolerant left” and the “alt right” that we are currently seeing today.

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