• Education

    Herbig-Haro Phenomenon

    We’re taught that space is a perfect vacuum where gravity predominates the Universe—and told that simple thermal heating, mechanical shock, and magical magnetic ‘dynamo’ models are required to explain explosive jets seen blasting from objects of all sizes. Nowhere does this standard model reasoning become more problematic than with Herbig-Haro objects. Independent researcher Stuart Talbott unwraps the mystery of these…

  • Activism,  USA

    Is Theft Really Legal in California?

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  • Education

    The Shocking Truth Of Shock Waves

    Ears ring, windows rattle, the dog hides under the bed. It’s thunder from an arc of electric discharge, or from a passing supersonic jet. Rub your feet on the carpet then touch a doorknob. You get a spark and hear a snap. Same thing—tiny scale. Think of the power of a sonic boom traveling miles with enough energy to rattle…

  • Education

    The Cosmic Fireball

    The iconic image of astronomy—a giant rock hurtles through space and crashes violently into a planet. However, laboratory experiments into electrical discharge have reproduced common planetary surface features which defy conventional meteor impact theory. In 1994, when comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 approached Jupiter, and when Comet Siding Spring approached Mars in 2014, the observed actual interactions between comet and planet were…

  • Philosophy

    Social Media – Why it Sickens the Self and Divides Society

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    Is the Supply Chain Being Sabotaged?

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