A Journey to Mysterious Exoplanets

We will start off near the TESS Orbital Observatory, which enabled us to take a slightly deeper peek into the fascinating abyss of the cosmos. With its help, we will visit the environs of the dim red dwarf TOI 700 to make the acquaintance of its wonderful planets potentially fit for life. After that we will go to the Teegarden’s Star to observe the most Earth-like planet of all those discovered by now. Next in line is the bizarre world of Gliese 1214 b, which falls into the exceptionally rare category of ocean planets.

Then we will reach two representatives of the most furtive and mysterious celestial objects – rogue planets. Deprived of a parent star’s warmth, they roam the depths of space for billions of years, avoiding anyone’s curious glance. After these dark and cold worlds, we will see a selection of various space objects which have one thing in common – their incredibly lethal properties. Extreme temperatures, harmful radiation and a harsh environment – with all these combined, these planets’ are truly horrifying.

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