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Syria Invasion Watch – Sibel Edmonds – Corbett Report

This is fantastic video from the Corbett Report featuring Sibel Edmonds. It is a great discussion regarding the entire political agenda tied to the Syrian Civil war.

One of the best parts within the video is the discussion on the Kurdish people. Sadly, this large group of people are being played by both the United States and Israel. To be honest, I was shocked to hear that Bibi has bases in Kurdish held sections of Iraq. What could possibly go wrong with that?

I truly feel bad for the Kurdish people, who deserve a home land, but will again be played as pawns and then slaughtered by the West and Israel at the hands of the Turks.

The other part I found interesting is the report of Tunisian women are the female suicide bombers, that are an issue for Turkey. Which is different from the #MSM sources linking female suicide bombers to the Kurds. So the real question on this issue is how do Tunisian women find a way into Turkey to begin with?

Watch and learn:


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