Evidence of the Electromagnetic Sun – Earth Connection – Thunderbolts Project

At the recent Thunderbolts Project EU2015 Conference: Paths of Discovery, Dr. Donald Scott presented new groundbreaking evidence of the electromagnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun. The electric universe theory states that the sun is in essence an electrical discharge phenomenon, powered by electric currents flowing along the arm of the galaxy. Electrical circuitry connects the Sun and all planets, including the Earth, driving climate, weather, and Earth’s auroras. The telltale sign of Birkeland currents at the poles of planets is counter rotational motions in atmospheric phenomena. In this Space News, Dr. Scott discusses the new, visual evidence that Birkeland currents from the Sun are the cause of Earth’s auroras.

Dr. Scott’s EU 2015 Preview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snCn5…

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