The Lack Of Cyber Security

Below is a video from Meet The Press, that fails at covering the real issue behind the lack of Cyber Security.

Mind you, no one within the video was even close to answering the real problems of Cyber Security. To make matters worse, one of the people in this video is a retired General who is now working in a Cyber Security firm.

Let’s get some things right now. The US Government has not properly funded agencies for years. These agencies are using outdated systems and software. When you combine that level of stupidity with the NSA wanting a back door into everything, you are going to get breaches.

It is so bad that a Patriot Missile Battery was hacked in Germany. Just think of the stupidity of that system getting hacked. How on the Gods Green Earth does that even happen.

If you actually want to stop hackers, all that needs to happen is close all of the back doors. Only in America can people believe that leaving a back door open for the NSA to hack, will not be used by other hackers.

It is time for a sit down between technology stakeholders and the US Government, to agree that no back doors will be allowed on any software and hardware platform. The US Government and the NSA has got to get it through their thick heads that leaving a back door open on software and or hardware platforms is a bad idea.

Once this agreement is in place, then you can have the Governmental Agencies update their technology to the new hack proof platforms.


Mike Dodd

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