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Jimmy Carter 2.0

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Afganistan has fallen and the Biden Harris administration cannot stand up.

As of now, the Biden Harris administration is MIA and all kinds of people are looking for information on one of the greatest Foreign Policy disasters in America’s history. To be fair this failure is on multiple administrations both Democrat and Republican. What is damning for the Biden Harris administration is that they slept walked through a two-week period of the Taliban taking territory and Afganistan Military surrendering with reckless abandon.

You combine this with record inflation caused by rocketing oil prices, all created by the Biden Harris administration cutting off the Canadian oil pipeline, to save the environment. We are easily paying an increase of more than a dollar of a gallon of gasoline since this Administration has come into power in January of 2021.  This additional cost hits all sectors of our economy, which raises prices, literally on everything all at the same time. Which makes the dollar less valuable for the everyday American who is struggling to get by. Which also gave a supply chain issue when hackers found a way to shut down an oil refinery to add more insult to the injury.

Then you add the endless drama of the Pandemic and mask mandates.

Combined with all of the Woke Bullshit that this Administration is forcing down the Government and the American people’s throat.

We are 7 months into this administration and this could not have gotten off to a worse start. America is more divided now than at any other time other than our Civil War. I was not part of the 80 million people who voted for this Administration. To be fair, I am a progressive, eventually, the Biden Harris Administration should be able to do things that I actually like and approve of, but that has not happened yet and I am afraid that it may not happen.

This reminds me of everything Jimmy Carter was in the 1970s and all of his failings. High Inflation, Iran Embassy debacle, dividing America, while not having a policy agenda to speak of.

Jimmy Carter: Why He Failed (

When I voted for President Trump the first time, I was unsure whether he could actually govern. I knew exactly how Hillary Clinton would govern and I knew I did not want that woman anywhere near the reigns of the US Presidency. I will be honest, I did not believe that Joe Biden would be this ineffectual of a leader and he would fail at doing the basics to actually govern. He is making President Trump look like a skilled politician which is insanity of the highest order and I voted for President Trump not once but twice.

As of today people, we are not in a good place and I do not know what a good answer is going to be because this administration is rudderless. I have been told by the Main Stream Media that President Biden received 80 million votes and right now, those 80 million people have some explaining to do to the rest of the United States of America.

Mike Dodd

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