All US Presidents Related to this One King?

In a post-American revolution society, it would seem like the divine rights of kings would be a distant memory, but is the reality really so? Do certain bloodlines still hold power within our current government system? And if all US presidents are somehow united in blood, does that mean our leaders are really elected by the people? Or does that mean they’re selected by few?

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Yes, you are probably descended from royalty. So is everyone else:

Are you descended from royalty? Six things to consider

Skull and bones Martin Van Buren:

Every baby is a royal baby:

The Devil’s Brood Doc (BBC)

U.K. Daily Mail:: 12 year-old girl links all presidents except one to King John Plantagenet. August 4, 2012.

The Daily Mail: Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king. August 2012.

Adams, Cecil. “”.

USA Today: Royal authority Harold Brooks-Baker dies. March 6, 2005.

King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta, by Marc Morris

Understanding Royal Name Plantagenet:

The Royal Watcher Dies

Who are the Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society that counted three presidents among its members?

Martin Van Buren family tree:

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