How Close Are We to Controlling Machines With Our Minds?

From outsmarting the self check-out to providing options for patients with communication disorders, merging mind with machine could be the next frontier for humanity.  How close are we to controlling machines with our minds?

This New Mind-Controlled Robot Arm Works Without a Brain Implant…
“A team from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is… creating the first noninvasive mind-controlled robot arm that exhibits the kind of smooth, continuous motion previously reserved only for systems involving brain implants – putting us one step closer to a future in which we can all use our minds to control the tech around us.”

China Unveils First Chip Designed Specifically for Mind-Reading…
“The signals transmitted and processed by the brain are submerged in the background noise,” Tianjin University researcher Ming Dong said in a press release. “This BC3 [Brain-Computer Codec Chip] has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces.”

Dilemmas in regulating brain-computer interface devices…
“A major challenge for regulators will be to resolve issues around data and the threat of malicious hacking. Research has found that brain-computer interface devices could be vulnerable to cybercrime; termed ‘neurocrime’ and ‘brain hacking’ by ETH Zurich research fellow Dr Marcello Ienca and Radboud University Nijmegen associate professor Pim Haselager.”

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