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The Social Media Purge Has Begun – InfoWars Edition

The American divide just got harder to bridge today. For some ungodly reason, Infowars has been removed from a host of Main Stream Social Media Sites. No one should be celebrating this event because it is going to make living and coinciding with people much harder than what it should be.

I am not going to tell you that the world is going to end because Alex Jones is not going to be on these Social Media Platforms, the problem is that it has singlehandedly made going forward in a positive manner for conservatives, liberals, and moderates almost impossible, because trust has been broken and that is not going to be fixed for a long time now.

We have rules and laws in America regarding free speech and those rules, in this case, have been crushed and shows a one-sided mentality to further discussions and that is not good for anyone.

The Wave Chronicle has warned for years that a Social Media Platform Purge was coming, we can now all say that it has come and it is going to come for you. Do not think for a minute or a second that you are safe, even if you are a liberal. The powers that should not be, will come for you, just like they did for the Daily Stormer, and now for Alex Jones. This is an operation to see if the population is going to rise and take on the Social Media Platforms, and my opinion will be nothing will come of it and because of that, they will push to silence other Alt Media Organizations.

My words to you prepare and plan. You need to have websites and platforms built and ready to go when the Purge comes for you. This is a wake-up call and you better hear it, the powers that should not be are coming and they will come for you soon.

Strive to do more, while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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