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Time Traveler From 2078 Reveals A Dark Future

Editors Note: I am not here to tell you that this story is true. I am also not telling you that this story is even plausible, as it regards Time Travel. What I am telling you is that the theory embedded within the content is quite plausible. Even within the fiction of this story, is a truth for all of us to learn from. Thinking you can pass poison along to save a dollar and not have bad events happen, will have consequences, for everyone. 

A mysterious post appeared on Reddit that we felt, we had to share with you. The user identifies themselves only as the user, A10A10A10 – and reveals a thought provoking post where, in their words, speaks about the year 2078 – 60 years into the future. Whether you believe this story or not,  could it genuinely have come from the future or maybe a present day futurist pretending to come from the future to let us know how they predict what the future has in store for us. Either way their story is quite intriguing as well as disturbing. Today we bring you a very special episode of Weird World, let’s explore the Time Traveller From 2078 Revealing a Dark Future.


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