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What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Flu

Did you get the flu vaccine this year? Why or why not?

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Contemporary H3N2 influenza viruses have a glycosylation site that alters binding of antibodies elicited by egg-adapted vaccine strains

Deadliest Plague in Modern History: The 1918 Flu Pandemic (720p)

Flu Shots and Marketing

Swine flu, Bird flu ‘never happened’: Probe into H1N1 ‘false pandemic’

What’s in your flu shot?

Donald Rumsfeld and TamiFlu

“More than a quarter of the Food and Drug Administration employees who approved cancer and hematology drugs from 2001 through 2010 left the agency and now work or consult for pharmaceutical companies”

After revelations that the CDC is receiving some funding from industry,Ā Jeanne Lenzer investigates how it might have affected the organisationā€™s decisionsĀ

While the CDC acknowledges that there’s a difference between flu death and flu associated death, they still use the terms interchangeably in their reporting. Ā

Google backs flu vaccine

Influenza etymology

Vaccine etymology

Resurrecting 1918 Flu Virus Took Many Turns

Study Linking Early Miscarriage to Flu Vaccine Puzzles Doctors

Scientists seek super-shot for flu 100 years after pandemic

The site of origin of the 1918 influenza pandemic and its public health implications

Swine flu jab and narcolepsy may be linked by autoimmune response

Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza VaccineĀ

Reporting flu vaccine science

The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ā€˜Fiascoā€™
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Deadly Immunity
When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data – and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic

Vaccine Schedule Side by Side Comparison. (Vaccine manufacturers were granted govt protection from liability in 1986. You cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer.)Ā

Vaccines – Doctor spills the beansĀ

Vaccine ingredients

Vaccine Effects

Vaccine Safety

Why flu has a season:

Does the Flu Vaccine Really Protect Kids?,8599,1847794,00.html

Why we grow vaccines in chicken eggs:

Vitamin D kills the flu virus

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