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Strong Solar-Climate Link Discovered | Open Peer Review

Solar Forcing of Amundsen Sea Low Pressure:

Get involved by sharing our plea for help with your local professor or one of these experts:
Ryan Fogt, Ohio University
Elizabeth Zbacnik, Ohio University
Mark England, Columbia University
Lorenzo Polvani, Columbia University
Laura Landrum, National Centre for Atmospheric Research
Adam Scaife, Met Office Hadley Center
Thorsten Mauritian, Max Planck Institute
Kyle Clem, Victoria University of Wellington
Paul Mayewski, University of Maine
Kirk Maasch, University of Maine
D.A. Dixon, University of Maine
Nedeljko Todorovic, Hydrometeorological Serve of Serbia
Dragon Vujovic, University of Belgrade
Gareth Chisham, British Antarctic Survey
Melvyn Freeman, British Antarctic Survey
John Turner, British Antarctic Survey
Mai Mai Lam, British Antarctic Survey
Roy Spencer,
Anthony Watts,
Tony Heller,
Bob Tisdale,
Mauro Regi, Unviersity of L’Aquila

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