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Act Like You Have Been There Before – Transhumanist Party Follies

I have been very interested in the Transhumanist Party, since the beginning. I wanted to wait and see exactly how the Transhumanist Party was going to handle itself in the election process. I have now seen enough samples and it is time to have a conversation.

This particular tweet annoys me to no end.

Upload your mind to a memory stick……


I understand the mentality of promoting Transhumanist / Futurist ideals but this needs to be done in a more fitting manner. This particular mentality that the Transhumanist Party has moved forward is making Transhumanism into a caricature. Transhumanists / Futurists need to be the smart people in the room and be the people in the room with the answers.

Then we have the epic failure of Alexander Karran in the UK Election. Obtaining 56 votes out of 31,222 voters. Below is an excerpt from Liverpool Echo:

Steve Rotheram joined his fellow Labour candidates in increasing his majority to hold onto Labour safe seat Walton and hit out at the Tories in his victory speech.

In a seven-way battle for a place in Westminster he never looked in any danger of losing his seat to any of his rivals, which included a member of the Pluralist Party and an Independent. But he did express his concern at the fact UKIP came second in his seat, describing their growth in his constituency as “worrying”.

Mr Rotheram won the backing of 31,222 voters – a rise of more than 7,000 on five years ago. The huge tally in one of the safest Labour seats in the country also meant his majority increased to more than 27,000.

Speaking after his victory was announced, sparking a mass exodus of Wavertree Tennis Centre as it was the final result to be declared, he said: “The margin of victory tonight is significant and I can promise the people of Walton I will not let them down.”

Of Mr Rotheram’s rivals it was UKIP candidate Steve Flatman who performed best, picking up 3,445 votes to finish second while the Lib Dems, who came runner up in 2010, slumped to just 899 votes. Walton also saw the candidate who polled the smallest number of votes in Liverpool on May 7. Jonathan Dzon, of the Pluralist Party, won the backing of 23 people while Independent Alexander Karran received 56 votes.


The world has problems and Transhumanists and Futurists have answers to those problems. In my opinion that is where the focus of the Transhumanist Party needs to be. The examples listed above will not resonate with the voting public and it is not the problems that they (the voting public) will be concerned about. The conversations need to address the day to day issues that are facing the voting public. Issues like employment, wealth inequality, human rights, health care and costs of health care. These items need to be the starting points.

I do not want to be completely negative, some good work is being done at Transhumanist Party HQ. A perfectly good video happened a few weeks ago, that was done so well the Wave Chronicle listed it as an article. Below is the actual video:


I hope in the future as the Transhumanist Party moves forward, we will get more thought provoking solutions and presentations to show the yearning voting public that Transhumanists and Futurists have the answers that the world needs to move forward in the 21st Century.

Strive to do more, while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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