Confederate Invasion Of New Hampshire – The Scott Brown Chronicles

It is a shame what Scott Brown has become. At one time Scott Brown would have been a solid candidate to vote for against a tax and spend democrat. Now Scott Brown has joined the insane ranks of the Confederate Tea Party.

Below is a campaign video that the Massachusetts native Scott Brown has unleashed on the poor citizens of New Hampshire. If you have not figured this out yet, Scott Brown who could not beat Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts for that Senate seat, so he has taken residence in his vacation home in New Hampshire so he could run for Senate again in the state of New Hampshire.

As you can see from the video listed above, we have a full blown Confederate Tea Party candidate. As with most Tea Party Candidates, all of the Confederate problems lay down on the Mexican border. So similar to his Confederate Tea Party mentor Rick Perry.

I can see it already, Scott Brown in the same helicopter as Rick Perry keeping those pesky women and children from the Confederate border of Texas.

For the residents of New Hampshire, are you not better than this? Do you really think all of the United States problems reside on the border of Mexico. Why is it with these Confederate Tea Party candidates that every problem is at the border of Mexico:

  • ISIS Terrorists in the Middle East – Send troops to the border of Mexico
    • Honesty, folks in New Hampshire, you want to send troops to Mexico to stop ISIS in the Middle East. Have you seen a map lately, those camels will need to do a lot of walking on water to make it to Mexico. Considering that the Union funded ISIS with Confederate backing, the only way ISIS will be on the Mexican border will be if the Union or the Confederates put them their.
  • EBOLA – Send troops to the border of Mexico
    • Come on folks in New Hampshire, do you really believe that West Africans will fly all the way to Mexico and then walk across the border. Honestly folks, is this really something you want to double down on.

To the good people of New Hampshire, you deserve a better candidate than Scott Brown. You do not need a Confederate Tea Party candidate to spread fear and hate in your state. Vote against fear and hate. Vote for a candidate that reflects the values of the United States of America instead of the values of the Confederacy.

Strive to do more while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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