The Real Man

This video has been everywhere and every single time I see it, I watch it. It is a way of life we use to have across the globe. We use to help our neighbors, damn we use to know our neighbors. Society has advanced far in the past few decades but in human interaction we have gone backwards.

Hopefully a day will come when everyone is less busy and spend less time behind a computer, a laptop, or a phone. It is not always about making money, some times it is about helping your fellow human. Strive to do more while you still can.

Mike Dodd

I have a wide range of views and opinions. I have worked in a number of industries some of them are: Banking, Dairy, Health Insurance, Education and Government. I am the owner and editor in charge of a number of websites and message boards. The crown jewel of the websites is which covers a wide variety of content. The Wave Chronicle is a site built to put forth thought provoking information, which can range from activism, politics, technology, philosophy, climate change, education, futurist / transhumanist theory and some fun articles that tend to be on the conspiracy theory side. Finally, I am also an accomplished no limit holdem poker player who sadly does not see enough time at a poker table.

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