According to the experts, earth is overdue for a reversal by double their best calculated estimations.

Oxygen Disaster at Reversal:
-Weakening Magnetosphere-
2003 BBC Magnetism Article:
2004 NatGeo Magnetism Article:
2006 NatGeo Magnetism Article:
2008 NASA Magnetic Breach:
2011 ESA Magnetism Article:
Magnetic Field Animation:
-Pole Shift-
2003 NASA Pole Shift Article:
2008 Kyoto Pole Shift Animation:
2010 Kyoto Pole Shift Visual:
2011 Discovery Pole Shift Article:
-Cosmic Rays and Clouds-
Direct Link Between GCR and Clouds:
Solar Activity Linked to GCR and Clouds:
Cloud Condensation Nuclei:
Further Confirmation:
Cosmic Rays vs Sunspots:
NASA’s Cosmic Energy Effect:
U-Del: Cosmic Rays v Sunspots:
-Grand Cycle Paper-
Choudhuri 2013:

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