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America Failing: SCOTUS – RFRA – Hobby Lobby

With the SCOTUS decision allowing for profit corporations to discriminate against female contraception, you do need to know a few things.

  1. You need to doĀ is read the actual case, the one I am listing is from Bloomberg Law.
  2. The majority decision is based solely on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.
  3. Third thing you need to realize is that President Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 into law with unanimous decision from the House of Representatives and all but three senators in theĀ Senate. So women, it is sad to say butĀ all of those old liberals that you see all upset about the SCOTUS decision, they are the ones that brought this mess onto your head in the first place. If you see Hillary out on the warmonger elite campaign trail and she is railing against the SCOTUS decision, someone please remind her of the fact listed above.
  4. SCOTUS also ruled that religious nonprofit business entities and religious profit business entities are equal under the law listed above.


I am not anti liberal or pro conservative, I am against the warmonger elite, so keep that in mind. The warmonger elite are both liberals and conservatives, left and right, north and south and everything in between. If you are a female and you are pissed off and you should be, make sure you are not played by the warmonger elite. The warmonger elite have no issues in using you like cannon fodder.

I am extremely disappointed in this simplistic decision made by the majority faction of SCOTUS. The basis of the decision is that HHS allowed an exception for religious nonprofit business entities on female contraception based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993Ā and that exception should be applied to for profit business entities. I am not happy with HHS and I am not happy with SCOTUS.

I am sorry but conservative Christians are not some protected class that has been discriminated against for a few hundred years. Females on the other hand have been actively discriminated against and that discrimination is only growing. It is the year of 2014, these arguments against females and their rights are unacceptable and beneath a nation of our stature.

No one should be discriminated against on healthcare, not a veteran, not the elderly, not a female, not the homeless. We are a great nation and these arguments only indicates that the American Republic is failing.

The other argument that not a soul has picked up on as of yet and is just as grievous; isĀ stating that religious nonprofit businesses and religious profit businesses are the same thing.Ā Ā Since this is the new decision made by SCOTUS that both entities are the same, then both entities should be taxed in the same manner.

Strive to do more, while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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