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AMTV: Google To Form Transhuman Utopia

This video is from Christopher Greene of AMTV, it addresses the fear of Google and Transhumanism taking over the internet and the military industrial complex. I have to admit that AMTV is a guilty pleasure, that normally I would avoid. Fear, which is a large part of what AMTV is, will always lead to hate, it is just the nature of things. Still Christopher Greene will make some solid points from time to time.

Personally, I love the idea of drones providing internet access, especially if it can be done at no or low cost. It puts people who are outside of the information highway, into the game. More information and more information coming from rural areas will only be a benefit to the world and not something to be afraid of.

I do believe that providing any government with robotic troops is a threat. It removes the human from the carnage of war and that simply will not be a positive aspect for humanity. Google will need to think long and hard what it is going to provide to a government and the outcome that product may be for Google itself and to the global world community.

The fear of Transhumanism is a bit laughable in the video but try to work around that fear. Buried within the video are items that should be considered, of course without the fear and loathing.

Mike Dodd

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