Space-Weather During Chile Quake and New Tropical Storm Watch

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(1) Just like liquids and gases, energy seeks to spread and equalize (except in the case of a birkeland current) so when a CME or wave in the electric field sweeps past earth, earth gains energy during the equalization process while the particles are passing us (this decreases severity of storms and quakes), but then seeks to re-equalize the pressure afterwards, when earth has more energy than the surrounding areas – resulting in discharges of static and possibly even arc form. It is this release of the pressure taken-in that causes the storm intensification and the quaking. This is exactly what we see with geomagnetic storms in the ‘wake’ of a CME.
(2) Remember, all successes of this system should be credited to Dr. U-Yen and any failings should be put upon my interpretation and personal use of his teachings.

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