The Whining of the Stein – Welcome to our World – Senate Spy Edition

Dianne Feinstein Democratic Senator from California has issues with being spied on. What I personally find funny about this, Dianne Feinstein has no issues with normal everyday Americans being spied on, to her, it was our patriotic duty to let the nation state spy on it’s citizens. Below is a great video from RT America with Jesse Ventura.


Now that the CIA is spying on the Senate, all of the sudden, out of the clear blue sky, Dianne Feinstein is shocked that this activity is going on. Welcome to the real world that everyday Americans live under, Senator Feinstein, just be a patriot and let the CIA spy on you, if it is good enough for the average American, why is it not good enough for you?

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Mike Dodd

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