The Fear Of Life – Rapture of the Future: The Omega Point

Odd TV has this extremely well done video regarding Transhumanism. It was a fantastic watch, with a number of valid points and truths. This does not mean that everything within the video is 100% correct. The way I look at videos like this, is that even the devil is right from time to time.

As always, you have fear of technology and advancement. Which is always combined with the mentality that everyone will eventually become robot slaves to the ruling elite. It is a constant theme in anti-transhumanist / anti-technology agenda. It is a fear that the world is going to pass the common man / woman by.  I view these fear mongers as Luddites from a bygone era.

Still, futurists and transhumanists have to own some of these problems. Futurists and transhumanists need to find a better way of communicating with the under educated to help these people understand that they are part of our future equally. These new age luddites need to be educated to understand that they are part of the future and their own unique beliefs are also part of that future.

Transhumanism is more than lab coats, anti-religion, and the New World Order. Transhumanists are not static people, we have many beliefs and come in many different flavors. This mentality needs to be put into the forefront of our future discussions with the new age luddites.

Mike Dodd

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