Why I am a Transhumanist?


Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+): is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

Why I am a Transhumanist?

The answer is, very simple. Transhumanists around the world mainly want to revolutionize our society, our human experience by eradicating the unnecessary suffering in the world, by eliminating aging related diseases, allowing people to live longer/indefinitely and doing so would actually benefit the world economy.¬†I do believe there are ethical issues regarding this. You may ask,¬†who will benefit from this? Will the poor people¬†eventually die and the rich will get to live indefinitely? That surely wouldn’t be fair would it, that would be dystopia, in which¬†I would not want to happen.¬†However, I do believe and know that it will be widely available to the public, we can achieve our dreams, eradicate depression completely. No more anxiety, Imagine it, imagine the possibilities if you vote for The Transhumanist Party, that may already be in your country which will fund scientific medical research, AI and technology, to benefit the human race, we need to do this so we can survive for millennia to come. We can eliminate a lot of suffering, including my own. Some of the technologies to come will help me to live a functional life. I have a heart condition, and other issues that I do not want to admit but this will benefit me and many others that are like me.

I have joined The Transhumanist Party UK for a reason, to eliminate suffering, to eliminate the use of fossil fuels over time but within our own lifetime!! Make green energies cheaply available to all, we must do this, we need to take care of our planet, many agree that global warming is not a myth. So many challenges that we face today CAN and WILL be solved. We can bring change, we the people can achieve our dream that we want for our future. I can¬†understand why people may be scared, you may believe in Jesus Christ, you may be religious and will go against your beliefs. I respect people’s religions, so please respect our point of view. We will not force this upon you, we’re not going to make you take this technology to use for your benefit. We will simply ”offer” it to you, if you really want It. You will have your choice. To enhance the human experience. We can do this in numerous amount of ways, whether that may be augmentation of the human body (cyborgist/cyborgism) nanobots to prevent heart attacks, kill CANCER. I am sick of cancer, I have lost and know a lot of people who have died from cancer, I want that gone. I lost my grandparents to cancer, death is horrible and I have been close to it to myself, It is very scary. I am telling you the truth. I would rather suffer in this life than to even come close to death. My heart did stop. That is why I am a Transhumanist, because¬†I fear death, it is natural to feel that way, doesn’t mean I should accept it like many of us have done, society needs to change its attitude. People die all around the world even at a very young age, even before they were born. I lost my sister, before I were even born, due to ‘cotdeath’ which is just unknown cause.


So I am a transhumanist because I can overcome my mental barrier, that stops me from becoming smarter and happier. I take medication as it is, I know there is better and we can develop better.
We all can be smarter even if you’re already smart. You don’t have to feel depressed anymore and I have had depression for past 6 to 7¬†years. I know that technologies exist that will allow me to feel A LOT better and eliminate most of my issues. A lot of people suffer in our world, mainly to do with stress with what money brings.

I want to change the world, not just my country (I live in the United Kingdom), a lot of people like me want what’s best for humanity. You may not agree with everything I have just said, you may ask. What about the population growth issues? That is fine, we will be fine, we can overcome every obstacle, dramatically reduce the effects of global warming, before it is too late, we can colonize mars. We are destined for so much greater. End the suffering today. It may be a dream or complete fantasy to some but I can assure you, a lot of research has been done to make all of this happen, please dig deep and do your own research. Fear no more.

Our science and technology can benefit everyone, it would be immoral and saddening to do nothing about our major health problem.

Created by Christopher James Boardman, a member of The Transhumanist Party UK, Dreaming of a better world for all

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