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    Festo – eMotionButterflies

    With the bionic butterflies, for the first time Festo combines the ultralight construction of artificial insects with collision-free flying behaviour in a collective. For coordination purposes, the eMotionButterflies make use of a guidance and monitoring system, which could be used in the networked factory of the future.  Find out more … http://www.festo.com/en/eMotionButter… Erfahren Sie mehr … http://www.festo.com/de/eMotionButter… Solicite informaciones más detalladas … http://www.festo.com/es/eMotionButter… Pour en savoir plus : http://www.festo.com/fr/eMotionButter… 欲了解更多相关的信息,请参见 … http://www.festo.com/zh/eMotionButter… Узнайте больше … http://www.festo.com/ru/eMotionButter… Guest AuthorAll Guest Author Posts are submitted or additional content Wave Chronicle has added to the website. To be a Guest Author please visit our "Post Your Article" page.More Posts - Website