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When Will The Adults Take Control Over American Foreign Policy

It is time for the adults to take over America’s Foreign Policy. Now, this will be a bit difficult since the majority of you are removing Russian Vodka from your shelves, putting up Euro Maiden Flags on your internet profiles, and pushing for more sanctions that will actually harm you more than it will the Russian Federation.

It is time to wake up and realize the real danger everyone on this planet is in because America has had a failing foreign policy as it regards the Russian Federation and the utter chaos we have conducted on Ukraine’s soil. We have pushed nothing but pure insanity against the Ukrainian and Russian peoples in the guise of Freedom. This has nothing to do with Freedom, it has nothing to do with the sovereignty of Ukraine, which we broke back in 2014, when US, NATO and Euro Maiden forces toppled President Oleksandr Turchynov. It is about what causes war since the dawn of time, resources, money, and power.

The war in the Donbas region has been bloody and deadly for all. Below is a quote from a Wiki Page regarding the War in Donbas. That site is listed below in the Sources Cited section.

So since 2014 you are looking at about, 13000 dead, all with US Tax Payer Dollars. So when the Russian Federation saw that this conflict was not coming to an end and the bloodshed is mostly one-sided, are you really shocked that the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine to stop the killing. I am not telling you that Vladimir Putin’s conquest in Ukraine is all together altruistic, but we pushed the Russian Federation to do exactly what they are doing today.

The United States of America put an out of control National Socialist Regime on the border of the Russian Federation and armed them to the teeth. In turn the Euro Maiden / Azov Battalion has caused chaos in the region.

You see these people, see that perfectly good swastika, our US Taxpayer Dollars have gone exactly to these people, who in turned could not wait for this day to come to push this world straight to the brink. So you may want to actually stop dumping your Russian Vodka and putting up the Euro Maiden flag on your profile.

Now let’s talk about Captain Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who the Mainstream Media is building into some kind of Super Hero.  President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is going to get an ungodly amount of people killed, all to build a persona. The sad part of this, this is probably the game plan for our American administration. Before Captain Ukraine became President of Ukraine, his claim to fame was being a comedian who used his penis to play the piano on TV.

This idiot of Ukraine is walking this world straight into a World War and at worse a Nuclear War. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be an epic comedy.

Our current American Administration is sleep walking straight into a World War, and no one is trying to apply the brakes. Instead, everyone is pouring more fuel to the fire. We do not need bravado, ego, and threats. We are on the brink of a number of really negative consequences that will punish all of us, not just the poor, middle class and even the greedy elite. In a Nuclear war, we have ZERO winners, just a world of death and dying.

Do not simply sleep walk into the abyss, wake up, and get some adults into the room to take over America’s Failed Foreign Policy.

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