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The American Foreign Policy For Dummies The Ukraine – Russia Edition

It amazes me how we have to keep having these kinds of discussions. But, it has been an interesting few weeks, lets have recap.

The United States, in violation of an international treaty, decides to support National Socialists in overthrowing theĀ Ukrainian government. This does not happen every day, this takes a special kind of stupid, luckily in the United States, the government has worked hard in dumbing down the American population for decades.

It get’s better, the United States takes these actions while Russia is hosting and protecting the Winter Olympic. Mind you, this is an event that the United States has gone all out to state, that the Russians would have issues in defending. So destabilizing a government that has ties to the hosting Olympic nation, is a have to do item on your list. As stated above, this takes a special kind of stupid, that the United States of America is fully prepared to live down to.

Like a salesman on QVC, I am not done yet, we have more. Remember that little point above about National Socialists that you may have just blown through in reading. Yes, the United States decided to support with cold hard cash, National Socialists or what a dumbed down American public would understand as Neo-Nazis. Mind you, the Congress of the United States, told a million or two Americans, that we simply cannot afford to pay folks who have been unemployed after a certain length of time monetary benefits. It is pathetic that we would give Neo-Nazis in another nation money but leave American citizens that are down on their luck, nothing.

The next item that we face is the State SponsoredĀ Television inĀ America. The mainstream media went all inĀ backing the American point of view on Ukraine.Ā The State Sponsored Television singlehandedly changedĀ Neo-Nazis into Freedom Fighters and fed it to the dumbed down American public. Night afterĀ night, day after day. Mainstream media warped each and every story to fit the American foreign policy point of view. The American population that has risen above the dumbed down education, went to alternative media to find a more accurate story.

The Ukraine government falls into the hands of Neo-Nazis and with the Winter Olympics done, Russia to defend their own people invades the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine. It is not a surprise that Russia would defend their own people, but also their own interests. Neither right or wrong, it is exactly what it is. I am sure Vladimir Putin looked at Syria and decided that event would not happen on his doorstep.

As soon as Russian special forces entered into Ukraine, the United States should have know that the “jig was up”, but in the United States we have that special kind of stupid. So, what happens next will amaze historians for hundreds of years, the United States of America doubles down on dumb and takes everything to a whole new level. The United States of America starts to make all kinds of threats, mainly economic, against Russia. The State Sponsored Television is banging out each and every day how the “Russian Menace” is back. I am waiting every day for the US Government to dig up Joseph McCarthy and bring him back to life.

You would think, we would be done with this discussion, but you would be wrong. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, did not back down, he has held the line and has kept the troops in the Ukraine and ignored allĀ the threats from the West. What the United States have successfully done is the following:

  • You have made Vladimir Putin a hero, with Vladimir Putin never firing a single shot.
  • You have made the Russian people proud to be Russian, which is something no one within Russia has ever been able to do.
  • You have shown everyone in Alternative Media that State Sponsored Television is true. We are paying attention.
  • You have put doubt within the world of the integrity of the United States of America.

At this point, it is time for the United States of America to back down and let more intelligent allies address the Russians and find a political solution before we find a way to a World War that America cannot afford.

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Mike Dodd

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