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Space Transformation, An Alternative Project Of World Development

The project of transforming the earth into a space civilization, the transition to a life and technological structure corresponding to the level of space civilization, and the development of a world industry capable of freely spreading in space. As an alternative to existing political-economic global projects. Such as traditionalism, communism, democratic socialism, and liberalism. A new project that allows you to get out of the crisis created by the traditional elites, achieve accelerated development of progress, social justice, and raise humanity to a new level of development and prosperity.

Projects that have shaped modern civilization.

The modern world consists of several major socio-political and economic structures, competing with each other. Both their competition and interaction create a global political and economic space. But at the present stage, the entire world system, to one degree or another, has found itself in crisis, due to the fact that it cannot provide that level of development, those expectations that society places on its elites and political systems. Society expects freedom, progress in science, technology, and economy, the rapid growth of living standards, optimism, and confidence in its future. And systems can only offer the total domination of elites over society, stagnation with slow development or decline into archaism.

In the past, several centuries ago, all over the world there was only a feudal model, which differed in the level of development and specificity in different regions and countries. The feudal system is an archaic, religious society, mostly illiterate, busy with its own survival. Elites take the form of estates, or castes, isolated from society, and totally dominate it. But the industrial revolution gave society resources and knowledge. Several global projects have emerged from society’s attempts to find a political system that meets its interests.

A global project on a civilizational scale is a model of organizing life in the political, economic, and social spheres. Designed for global distribution, expansion, and domination. It has an attractive image of the future for people and a goal to move towards. Global projects are designed to involve society in them, with little dependence on national, social, racial, differences, or religion. Dependence on differences only slows down the spread, global projects are created for all of humanity.

What are the main political and economic models of the modern world?

Traditional Project.

The traditional model of organizing life. Created by the bourgeoisie, directly descended from the feudal elite. Which was dominant in the world until the First World War. These are the states, the elite, which is made up of the big bourgeoisie, who mainly came out of the big aristocracy after the industrial revolution.

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As is known in the feudal period, the organization of the state and society was clan, the power structure consisted of landowners of different levels. After the industrial revolution, the feudal model was not viable. Large landowners sold their land and invested in the industry, becoming the big bourgeoisie, the landowning class of nobles was replaced by a bureaucratic system of hired administrators. Small and medium nobles were scrapped.

The traditional political model is not intended for export, it is for domestic consumption.¬†Therefore, it became international only after the emergence of new expansionist global projects, the goal of which was to achieve world domination.¬†The traditional model was forced to compete with global projects and to defend against them, its supporters united in the so-called ‚ÄúBlack International‚ÄĚ.¬†So named because of the origin of its elite from the class of landowners, landlords.¬†The earth is black.

Blacks, supporters of traditional values. Such as the traditional way of life, family, religion, service to the state. The main disadvantage of the black project is that it does not have a model of the future. He came out of an archaic way of life, in which people had no desire for a better future for mankind in potential, if there is a guarantee of survival and minimal living comfort, this is already good. The struggle for a common future was limited to the strengthening or prosperity of their state, the scale of the struggle for the future was not global, but the state. General prosperity and the transition to qualitatively higher levels of development were unattainable, but they were not declared either.

The black project came to a crisis when, with the development of industry, and economic potential appeared, giving opportunities for a qualitative increase in the standard of living of the broad masses of society. But the elite used this potential for themselves, taking all the resources from society, and purposefully put pressure on society, forcing it to live in an archaic environment. Hard work, for food and minimal security of life, lack of education and social benefits, lack of prospects within the system. The first global protest against the traditional system was the communist, red project. Which was declared as a red international.

Red Communist Project.

It appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century as a reaction to the total suppression of the working class by the bourgeoisie. The main ideas of the Reds, the elimination of the bourgeois class, the establishment of public ownership of industrial infrastructure, the channeling of profits from the industry for the good of society, universal equality, and prosperity.

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The communist project was revolutionary, violent, and radical. Its goals are to take away from the bourgeois elite the right of ownership of industry, to distribute the profits it brings to the whole of society, for the sake of justice and prosperity.

But in practice, the red project immediately turned into a totalitarian form. Public ownership of the means of production and freedom was declared, but not achieved. The class of the bourgeoisie was replaced by the class of party officials who established their own totalitarian regime. Society received more benefits and solid social guarantees from the state but remained in a subordinate position.

The main contribution of the red project to the development of world progress is that it allowed society at a feudal stage to quickly move into the industrial period, due to mobilization industrialization. In the fact that by his existence, by the declaration of social justice, he forced the bourgeois countries to soft social policies and social guarantees, contributing to the development of civil society throughout the world. And the fact that the competition of the bourgeois and communist blocs with each other kept both systems in good shape, in constant competition, forcing them to accelerate progress.

The red project came to a crisis in the seventies, eighties, twentieth century. When the economic potential of the communist bloc made it possible to repeatedly raise the standard of living of society, to give it more freedom. But the authorities purposefully kept society in poverty, under total control. Since, having received a higher standard of living and independence, people ceased to be comfortable with the authorities. They undermined the basis of the communist system, the almost unlimited power of party and state officials. Society for some time suffered total control, but in the end, the communist system collapsed as a result of massive sabotage. The society unanimously abandoned the communist system, at all levels including its elite, and the project collapsed by itself without a revolution.

Social Democratic Project.

A treaty between the bourgeois elite and society, in response to competition from communism.

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The red project was radical, threatening the existence of the bourgeois elites. Faced with the threat of the communist movement, the bourgeoisie of Europe and the United States made concessions to society in the form of distribution of benefits in its favor and high social guarantees, allowing it to partially influence the government. Having initiated a moderate direction of the society’s struggle for its rights, a social-democratic movement. More precisely, the democratic system appeared long before communism, during the struggle between feudal and bourgeois elites, at the beginning of the industrial revolution. In the British colonies, such as the USA, Canada, and Australia, the democratic system arose historically during the formation these countries, as an institution of civil self-government, there was no feudal system in them. Only democracy before the advent of communism gave society far from the entire scope of rights, freedoms, and the level of well-being, which appeared after the Second World War when it became obvious that communism would have to compete. Except perhaps Australia.

But the model of social democracy is not sustainable, since it does not provide society with control mechanisms that are independent of the government. Allows society to influence state power and the big bourgeoisie through elections, protests, and public opinion, but does not provide society with mechanisms for direct control or manipulation of the system. And the authorities and the bourgeoisie have such mechanisms. Therefore, the balance of power turns out not in favor of society and the authorities have the opportunity to violate the agreement with society and establish their dominance. And the authorities can use these opportunities if external competition does not hinder it.

Therefore, the model of social democracy, which took shape as a compromise between power and society in bourgeois countries forced to compete with communism, became unstable after the collapse of communism. Now it is moving into the extreme right bourgeois regimes, the answer to which is the transition to the extreme left regimes. But in any case, society will be suppressed either by the bourgeoisie or by the party democracy.

The social-democratic model cannot be called a global project in the full sense of the word, just like the traditional model. It is not designed for expansion. Rather, it is a global political trend.

Liberal Project.

Project for a global liberal movement ruled by the financial bourgeoisie.

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The financial bourgeoisie has always been part of the capitalist elite and had the ability to partially control the state and society in countries with private banks. But in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, she began to move towards domination over the state, the industrial bourgeoisie, and society.

For bankers, the main means of power struggle is control of money. Emission, issue of money, which allows you to buy everything by owning only a printing press, up to the achievement of a total monopoly, which turns into total domination. Normally, banks provide money to the state and large corporations, giving loans for the development of industry and the economy. Thus, the issue of unsecured money leads to real growth in the economy and living standards. But in the United States and Western Europe, bankers split from the industrial bourgeoisie and created their own system of government. The financial bourgeoisie first subjugated industry and the state through emission and loans, then began to suppress them in order to achieve complete domination.

The bankers entered into an agreement with the society, achieving freedom, prosperity, and progress under their rule. A set of principles, rules, and objectives of this treaty formed the basis of the liberal global project.

The liberal project was progressive against the background of communism and worked well for several decades, the program of the liberal government was perceived by society with optimism, and is perceived to this day, although it has been greatly weakened. Its main slogans are economic growth, social rights, environmental policy, the change from the traditional way of life to a progressive one.

But in practice, what the bankers declare is not ways of developing society, but the ways they achieve power for themselves.

Financing the economy through emission in isolation from the real sector has caused the total dependence of the economy and society on banks. And support for the colonial world order, with the siphoning of goods and resources from other countries in exchange for unsecured money, candy wrappers.

The liberal interpretation of freedom, the scrapping of traditional guidelines, made it possible to instill anything in society, lowered its intellectual level, and made it easily manageable through controlled media. Social rights have moved from supporting various kinds of minorities to the domination of minorities over the core of society, its civilizational basis. As a result, society is moving to the indigenous living standards characteristic of banana republics.

Environmental policy turned into the suppression of industry, industrial elites, and strata of society based on a real economy that does not depend on financial bubbles.

The desire for progress was replaced by all sorts of freak movements and subcultures that move society not to development, but to degradation. To a rollback to archaism, to the level of the natives of the favelas or bantustans, over which it is easy to establish complete domination. Ultimately, a return to the colonial system of the nineteenth century, with the total domination of the elite over society.

Information about the real goals of the liberal project used to circulate in the insider circles, over time it became more obvious. But now, after the victory of the Democratic Party in the United States, the bankers have made an open claim for totalitarian domination, obvious to all, suppression of dissent and repression. The veils have been dropped.

What the bankers and the liberal project organized by them declared turned out to be a big fake, the purpose of which is to establish their own totalitarian regime. Although this does not cancel the progressive goals declared by the liberals, it confronts humanity with the fact that these goals are needed by society, but the authorities are not needed.

Opposition to liberals in the world.

As an alternative to the liberal project, in the last decade, when the liberal project began to lose its relevance and turn into a radical form, the black international and leftist movements began to strengthen. Which, against its background, although they look backward, they are at least adequate. Allow you to get solid ground under your feet, for stability and further development.

A multi-structured system with state regulation.

With the weakening of the liberal project caused by internal reasons, the weakening of the real sector of the economy, and the level of organization of society in liberal countries, world leadership is shifting to hybrid state systems that combine the best achievements of blacks, reds, and liberals.

Pictures on request "China power development"

The largest of these new, multi-structured economies is China. The peculiarities of the Chinese model are that banks and the financial sector are controlled by states. The money issued is sent to production and reaches consumers in the form of jobs, goods, and services, stimulating the real development of the economy. Large industrial infrastructure is in the hands of the state, big business is controlled by the state, which prevents the emergence of a class of the ruling bourgeoisie. Society is given a high degree of economic freedom, contributing to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the rapid growth of which accelerates the development of the economy and the achievement of social welfare. But the political life of society remains under the pressure of the authorities, not total like that of the communists, but still depriving society of some of its freedoms and rights.

In the past 4 years, the US industrial elite, of which Trump was a representative, tried to establish a similar model in their country. But this attempt was suppressed by the bankers.

The disadvantages of the Chinese model are that it does not have a global project. There is no expansionary, export-oriented political model that global society can follow. This state system is its initiator and the conductor is the state, not society. And accordingly, the borrowing of the Chinese model by other states depends on the government. And the power in the world is mainly economic, it is the bourgeoisie, it will not agree to limit its domination for the sake of economic development. Where the power is partocratic, similarly, the ruling party will not engage in reforms that will cause the transformation of the system and weaken its power. And in general, the authorities basically do not care what level of the economy they control, they are more interested in the level of their domination.

In the Chinese model, society also lacks mechanisms for direct control overpower. And although in this model the government behaves adequately and progressively, who knows what to expect from it in the future? Power is often engaged in economic development in order to gain support for itself in society, but when it reaches domination, it strives for domination, stops economic growth, and begins to suppress society. In the absence of external competition, the power also begins to suppress society and goes into a totalitarian form. It is quite possible that the Chinese government will be reborn as a ruling caste when China achieves world leadership.

The current crisis of elites and traditional management systems.

The modern economy is in crisis, but the reasons for this crisis are not only economic but also political. This is a crisis of political and economic systems led by traditional elites. Elite crisis. Elites purposefully hinder development and put pressure on society, driving it into a depressive state. Especially the mass business and the middle class. A layer of people with intelligence and economic independence. The reasons for this pressure are that society, as progress develops, becomes smarter, gains the opportunity to manage politics and the economy. And this undermines the dominant position of the elites.

An overreaction to the coronavirus epidemic is used for the same purpose. This, in addition, masks the economic downturn arising from the fact that the emission money does not go to the real sectors of the economy.

Throughout the history of the last century, different political systems competed with each other, seducing society with their models and different benefits, but in practice, they have one goal, total domination over it. And society maneuvered between them and still does not have a political project working for it and being under its control.

The last, liberal project, created in the world society the illusion of a power system working for its rights and prosperity. But the power of the bankers works according to the standard scheme, first, real progress in order to gain support for itself in society, then, upon reaching domination, the transition to the form of a dominant caste, stopping progress and the total subordination of society.

From this, we can conclude that if people want to progress and prosperity, they should not rely on the authorities and the projects organized by it. And they themselves should develop systems of organization and generate projects based on the principle of civil self-government, which will be under his control, and work for his interests.

One of these alternative, civilian, systems of an organization is associated with my project of building a space civilization on earth, as a way to forestall and accelerate the colonization of space.

The project of transforming humanity into a space civilization is an alternative global project.

The project of transforming humanity into a space civilization within the Earth, ‚ÄúSpace Transformation‚ÄĚ, with the aim of moving into the life and technological structure of a space civilization, to develop a new industry on earth that can freely spread in space. The field of which the colonization of space will become an affordable and profitable task for the world economy and society. This is an alternative to the currently accepted approaches to space colonization. Which involves space exploration through the gradual expansion of space programs. Everything that is done in space is expensive and develops slowly, so the expansion of space programs cannot go into full-scale colonization of space quickly enough to make its results available to society during the lifetime of the modern generation. And the new industrialization on earth with the creation of an earthly analog and predecessor of the space industry, capable of turning the entire earth into an outpost for the industrialization of space, the task is available. Including, accessible for mass business and society.

Pictures on request "Development of civilization"

The beginning of the construction of a space civilization on earth is also an accessible project of civilizational development. He does not need to wait until the mass colonization of the solar system begins, his goal is to transfer society to the life and technological way of cosmic civilization, and this is available now. The rudiments of space civilization in the modern world are enough, and by combining them into a system, into a global trend, it is possible to create the basis of the way of life of a space civilization and develop in this direction further. At the same time, people from the earliest stages of development can receive for themselves the advantages and benefits of living in the way of cosmic civilization. Build a new industry, a new economy, raise your level of development.

This is a project of new industrialization and rises to a new level of life, accessible to everyone who is interested in it and with the goal of reaching a new level of civilizational development. This is a global project.

Although, the space transformation project will work primarily as a network corporation and a civil society. But political components will also be present in it and play an important role. And the project of space transformation is one of the directions for overcoming the political crisis of recent times.

The logic of the space transformation project.

The main logic of the space transformation project is not to wait for the beginning of the colonization of space, to move to the level of space civilization, but to start with the construction of a space civilization on earth, where nothing prevents this.

From an economic point of view, the goal of space expansion is to create a global space industry capable of providing the earth with unlimited space resources. Unlimited resources will make it possible to unlimitedly increase the power of the economy on earth and unrestrictedly raise the standard of living of people. The resources of the earth will not give the opportunity to make every inhabitant of the earth a millionaire, but space resources do, and this is far from the limit.

The main obstacle to the creation of the space industry is the high cost of delivering cargo into space. Each ton of cargo delivered by modern missiles costs tens of millions of dollars. It is not realistic to develop large-scale activities at such a price. Promising, reusable rockets make it possible to reduce the cost of delivery by about ten times, but they are too expensive for the development of a world-scale industry in space. This obstacle can be circumvented by building a space industry from space raw materials, materials from asteroids, the moon, or other planets. But transferring a modern-type industry into space, consisting of thousands of highly specialized machine tools and a multitude of enterprises, is also a mega-cost.

Space Age Industry.

Now the transition to a new industrial order is beginning on earth. Associated with digital machine tools. These are machines that produce products by adding material in small portions, according to a digital template. 3D printers capable of printing a product of any shape, reproducing, in reality, a digital model embedded in the machine program. Such machines are universal, they can produce parts of any shape and complexity, directly from raw materials. Several 3D printers can create finished products while replacing traditional factories with many highly specialized machines and complex production chains.

Pictures on request "factory in a container 3d print"

If you combine several 3D printers, assembly manipulators, and an automatic control system in a micro-factory located in a container. You can create a lightweight mobile manufacturing enterprise that can automatically produce any type of product, such as cars, industrial equipment, and create your own copies ‚Äď ‚ÄúReplicas‚ÄĚ. Multiply.

Such micro-factories, ‚ÄúReplicators‚ÄĚ, provide completely new opportunities for the industrialization of space. Delivering replicators to space is not overly expensive. It‚Äôs expensive, like getting a few modules to the ISS or sending an expedition to the moon, but it‚Äôs affordable. If you deliver one microfabrication into space, which works in conjunction with a universal robot that serves to extract resources and various kinds of work, this kit will be able to increase its number exponentially, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on. Can create a large grouping of micro-factories and robots, numbering hundreds or thousands of machines, or more. With sufficient total production capacity for infrastructure construction. Large manufacturing enterprises and industrial bases, rocket-free transport systems,

The first industrial bases will begin mass production of spacecraft with new replicators on board. Which will spread the seeds of the cybernetic industry throughout the solar system. This method of industrializing space will not be overly expensive, but it will be fast, large-scale, and super-profitable.

Space replicators won’t be able to manufacture all the parts themselves. High-tech parts such as electronics and appliances will need to be delivered from the ground. But the relative weight of high-tech parts is not large. And qualitatively new, rocket-free, transport systems will reduce transport costs in space by tens and hundreds of times.

According to my project, before developing space versions of replicators, you need to create a mass industry based on such machines on earth. Now the technologies necessary to create replicators are there, but they are still raw, not working out, have not reached a high level of perfection. To accelerate the evolution of technology and create an economic foundation for the industrialization of space, replicators need to be made massive. After the terrestrial ‚ÄúSpace Age Industry‚ÄĚ reaches the required power and level of technology, it will itself go into space, to unlimited resources.

On earth, the replicator industry will accelerate economic growth manifold. By making the sphere of high-tech manufacturing accessible to mass businesses. Moreover, not only in developed countries but around the world.

The economic effect of launching micro-factories of replicators into mass production will be comparable to the new industrial revolution. Replicators will be relatively cheap and affordable for businesses, with prices comparable to mid-range cars or trucks, depending on size and modification. The new industry will have a high growth rate, replicators will churn out copies at the speed of rabbits, quickly saturating the market with new machines. The replicator industry will be highly profitable, profitable with confidence, little dependence on the economic environment and loan rates.

People of the space age.

The system of space transformation will represent not only a corporation but also a social movement. The main goals of which are the transition of a society to the living standards of cosmic civilization. In areas such as thinking, lifestyle, personal living environment, and social organization.

The main difference in the thinking of people in the space age is that they are not employees of states or large corporations, but independent players of the civilizational space, engaged in its construction and development. Moving to the type of thinking of civilizational builders, people should become centers of decision-making, and accordingly develop independence, initiative, and organization. Power and big business are not capable of and do not strive for qualitative progress, projects of this kind, including space transformation, are in the hands of civil society. And the role of the main organizing force in the construction of a space civilization will belong to the civil initiative and the system of civil self-government. Society will become a cosmic civilization.

Lifestyle modeled after cosmic civilization. This is the desire to constantly improve their quality of life, level of intelligence, and personal characteristics. Keeping yourself in good intellectual and physical shape. Development and maintenance of high personal energy. Striving for functionality, getting the most opportunities for oneself, spending a minimum of resources, in contrast to the traditional striving for status, spending resources on things that indicate a position in the social hierarchy. If possible, participate in the information and communication space, which serves as an information template for the construction of space civilization. If possible and willing, active participation in public life and practical activities related to business, science, and all-around progress.

Personal living environment. This is surrounding yourself with objects and furnishings that correspond to the level of life for which a person claims. As you know, the living environment largely shapes a person’s personality and his standard of living. In this case, the purposeful creation of a living environment for oneself on the model of a man in space civilization. This does not mean surrounding yourself with things of a futuristic entourage. And simply, if possible, to switch to a living environment that will be relevant for people living in a civilization of a cosmic level, which will dominate the earth during the period of full-scale industrial development of the solar system. Nowadays there are quite a lot of rudiments of space civilization available, in different areas, including for the creation of personal living space. These are items such as housing, vehicles, furniture.

Organization of society according to the standards of space civilization. It is an organization and management in the form of self-governing communities, with little dependence on nationality or race. The transition to the way of life of a space civilization and development in this direction will go through the adoption by people for themselves of the appropriate living standards, on their own initiative. Traditional, vertical organizational structures, consisting of a multilevel bureaucracy, are ossified, they will lag behind the trend of space transformation and will work to slow down, self-governing public organizations will be the flagships of its development in the public sphere. In which each person will personally interact with the civilizational community, without the mediation of power and bureaucracy within the environment of this interaction.

Space transformation system, global network community.

According to the principle of organization, the space transformation system will be a network structure, the basic infrastructure of which is the links between people in the information and communication space.

Pictures on request "Network world people"

The peculiarities of a network organization are that connections between people in it spread in all directions. And not along the hierarchical vertical, as in the bureaucratic system. And in particular, each individual person can interact with the entire structure as an independent player. Do not accept the terms of the system unconditionally, in the form of a position or rank that he occupies in it. And to enter into a dialogue with the system, set its own conditions to it, establish an agreement with it and occupy the position in it that is determined by the agreement. That is, the system works on the basis of dialogue and the social contract. All participants in the space transformation system are players and partners with different levels of importance and different specializations.

The network community built on the basis of information communications practically does not face government and bureaucratic barriers. For it there are no boundaries, it cannot be hampered by bureaucracy and local traditionalism. It can spread with lightning speed around the world, through open publications of the organization model, for copying by everyone who is interested in it. And just as lightning-fast to improve their level of organization and the level of technology, by borrowing information coming from the coordination centers.

A network organization can be built from scratch without having a lot of money, not the support of the authorities. All that is needed for this is an idea that can interest people and unite them into a community for more effective work towards achieving common goals. And in the same way, its participants, without having the money or special knowledge, can occupy significant positions in business or social activities.

The network structure is the best form of organization for a project, the purpose of which is to transform an earthly civilization into space one, to transfer it to a higher level of development. It provides an open field for activity, provides opportunities for rapid development, does not have internal inhibition, and cannot be inhibited by external forces.

A scenario for the development of a space transformation project.

What is a space transformation project in action and how will it develop?

First of all, the project of space transformation is an informational model of the organization of their lives and activities, following which people can move into the way of life of a space civilization, develop technologies and industry that allow them to colonize the solar system. For the network community, the information resource is of primary importance, it is the basis of the management system, economic, social, legal, administrative and power resources are secondary.

Now, I am promoting the model of space transformation in the information environment, there are no economic resources yet, but there is enough information. How will further activities develop?

I will make publications with a more detailed description of the space transformation project.¬†Attract supporters and investments to it, through the ‚ÄúGalaxy‚ÄĚ cryptocurrency, which will grow in value as the project develops.¬†To develop an online store with themed goods that allow you to build your life according to the standards of space civilization and create the basis of the space age industry, serving as the first trading platform for the space transformation system.

When the first working partners, civic activists, or entrepreneurs appear, I will start building networks.

Civil communities will continue to grow from activists, supporters of life by the standards of space civilization. The first activists will work as bloggers or publicists, broadcasting their living standards into society, performing the function of the social elite.

The first entrepreneurs will take the positions of centers for the development of business communities, working as a business elite, broadcasting business development standards, improving the level of organization and technologies to society. Entrepreneurs at the stage of project formation will mainly work in the field of trade and intermediation, promoting and promoting thematic technologies and goods to the market. Mainly equipment for business, consumer goods. Trading and mediation are convenient at the start because this area can be mastered without costs with a minimum level of knowledge. At the stage of the formation of the first business networks, participants from already existing business areas, included in the category of technologies and goods that can become the basis of the space age industry, can also be connected. The first working networks do not have to work with high technology, their task is to form the foundation for the further development of the space age industry. And network communities in the field of simple and mass technologies have the highest growth rate.

The networks will operate on a franchise basis. Individual participants will pay interest on the profits, about 5%, receiving support from the focal points in promoting their products to the market, in developing interaction with other market players, in developing the quality of the organization, and in mastering new technologies. Focal points will be divided into several levels and specializations, similar to the modern management system, but without bureaucracy. The coordinators will be united in coordinating councils, which are communities of people of the governing layer, also divided into several levels and specializations. The main managing center will be the Strategic Coordination Council, which will develop and correct the basic concept of building a space civilization, an information model, according to which the whole system will live and develop. Coordination councils will develop in parallel with the entire system. As in the whole system, the entrance to them is free. And those wishing to take part in the management or development of the concept can join the project at the stage of its formation.

When massive entrepreneurial networks are formed, technological modernization of networks will begin, which will continue in the future, becoming the leading direction for the development of the space age industry. Technology development centers will be individual firms or private scientific and technological associations that develop technologies and transmit information in the network, receiving a part of the profit from the increase in the technological level of networks as royalty.

The technologies of the space age industry will develop mainly in line with simplicity and functionality, avoiding, if possible, overly complex and expensive options that have a long development time and payback period. The main advantages of the space age industry are simplicity, low cost, and high growth rate. The number of operations and their complexity in production should be kept to a minimum, as well as the complexity of the products. Maintaining functionality with overall simplification must be addressed through creative approaches. Comprehensive simplification of technologies will allow faster development of the industrialization of space, since space replicators, and all other machines in the space industry will be simple, their production will be fast and cheap. Space replicators do not have to be super complicated and super expensive like modern satellites or scientific probes. They must make copies of themselves quickly, the faster the better, and have a minimal need for high-tech components. High-tech components will have to be delivered from the ground, which is costly.

The production of high-tech parts will be a separate segment of the space age industry. It will be concentrated in scientific and industrial centers such as Silicon Valley or Shenzhen. High-tech production consists of ultra-expensive and long-term infrastructure projects. It is inconvenient for small private networks. Therefore, in the system of space transformation, the development of high-tech production will become possible only when the system grows to the scale of a world industry with a trillionth turnover. Most likely, after the start of the industrialization of space by replicators.

In preparation for the colonization of space, the networking industry is likely to work in partnership with R&D centers. And it is possible to conduct your own production of high-tech parts using simplified technologies, in special micro-factories. If opportunities are found to simplify without losing functionality.

The financial system of the space age industry will be decentralized, based on cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks. Corporate cryptocurrencies, which also play the role of shares, will be used as internal currencies of the system and a means of attracting investment capital. The cryptocurrency of the entire ecosystem of space transformation ‚ÄúGalaxy‚ÄĚ will be the main one in the system. In addition to corporate cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and its analogs will be used, and Cryptozoloto, electronic currencies pegged to gold, which does not grow in value and cannot be used as stocks but serves as a reliable means of saving money. Decentralized finance, with many emission centers, does not depend on banks, which will not allow banks to control the ecosystem of space transformation. And the competition between many emission centers, will not allow the transition to a financial speculative model, the issuance of unsecured money, cut off from the real sector. If there is competition, this will quickly lead to a drop in demand for currencies and bankruptcy of emission centers. Investors can buy Galaxy using a link on the Space Expansion website, owners of personal crypto shares can enter into a partnership with a project at the stage of its formation.

The public organization of the space transformation system will be based on self-governing communities and will be managed by a system of focal points similar to a business network. It will focus on personal freedom and the development of personal potential. In the traditional system, personality is often fitted to a template for the sake of career or success. The system of cosmic transformation and its variations are also templates, but participation in it must be voluntary and conscious in order to maximize personal energy. The development of personal potential on a systemic basis will be a separate direction of the social organization of the community of cosmic transformation, standing above the rest and performing the function of an internal esoteric system. Personal energy is the main capital of a person, which is practically used in any of his activities. And the main benefit that forms the quality of his personality and the quality of his life. Therefore, special attention will be paid to them. In addition, vital energy is the main, universal value of a person, as well as a universal value, at all times and under any circumstances. The energy of personality and life is directly related to other universal human values, such as freedom, the right to protection, minimizing cruelty and violence, as they are ultimately a means of preserving and developing personal energy. And the development of personal energy is associated with all spheres of human activity. For example, creating a high-quality living environment contributes to the development of personal potential that can be used for education and the development of personal characteristics, and knowledge and dedication increase opportunities for business development, the income from which will go to improve living conditions. Life energy and personal potential is the most important thing in life and any human activity, directly related to the organization of society and living space, therefore, in the social organization of the system of cosmic transformation, this topic will be approached scientifically and systematically. In modern society, it is mostly traditional and religious, that is, spontaneous or archaic.

What role will the space transformation system play in the global political and economic environment?

It will be a networked global corporation that will be present everywhere to one degree or another. Since it is a mechanism for the control of society over the economy and states, it will increase the degree of control of society over the system wherever it works. Perhaps, in some countries, the space transformation system will completely take over control of centralized control. In this case, it will create hybrid multi-structured politico-economic systems ruled by society from the bottom up. Analogs of the Chinese model, only governed not by the apparatus of state officials, but by the people, through coordinating councils, structures consisting of people’s representatives who assume the function of the legislative vertical of power. The apparatus of government officials, banks, and courts in this system will occupy a subordinate position, and perform the function of the executive vertical. Large corporations will be controlled by coordinating councils that limit their ability to manipulate the market and society in their own interests and turn into economic power.

The political model of the system of space transformation in its purest form will represent ‚ÄúNetocracy‚ÄĚ, civil self-government through network structures. The system of space transformation that controls states and banks will be similar to social democracy, with the difference that society will have real mechanisms of control over the centralized infrastructure of government in its hands. It will be the actual master of the situation and will receive the greatest benefits from management.

Advantages of the space transformation project from the point of view of civilizational development.

Cosmic transformation is a transition into the living space of cosmic civilization, and the transition of further development into the channel of building the civilization of the solar galaxy.

If the model of the development of space expansion adopted so far, through the gradual expansion of space programs under the control of states and large corporations did not work. Due to the fact that its implementation was difficult to access and ran into internal constraints associated with the reluctance and inability of centralized systems to develop the real sector of the industry in space. That cosmic transformation is available and beneficial. The development of a networked, global corporation capable of transferring the earth into the lifestyle of a space civilization and colonizing the solar system is in the hands of mass business and civil society.

Together with the development of the space transformation system, the formation of a new world elite will begin, which is a part of civil society and represents its interests. Not having the technical ability to separate from society and turn into a closed caste, and vitally interested in the development of progress. Consequently, the tendency of elites to slow down progress in order to eliminate competition and strengthen their power will be overcome.

There will be a reboot of the trend of global modernism, which has been suppressed by the power of bankers in recent decades. And the rapid development of progress will begin, which, after access to space resources, will raise the life of mankind to a new level, will allow achieving high development and universal prosperity. It will make real the standard of living known now by futuristic forecasts and fantastic films.

Cosmic transformation, the revival of a half-forgotten space expansion.

According to normal logic, humanity should have started space expansion back in the seventies of the twentieth century. Then there were already technologies and projects for industrial space exploration. Of course, then the level of technology was lower, there was no digital production. But, nevertheless, there were opportunities for starting the development of the space industry. If the start was given then, now the space industry would have grown to the scale of a world industry with a trillionth turnover. And the emergence of digital production would allow it to make a sharp leap in development, in ten, twenty years, the space industry, would become the basis of the earth’s economy, and then, rapid and unlimited growth.

But the authorities did not use their opportunities to start space expansion. She needed space only to strengthen her dominant position, as a propaganda mouthpiece supporting her status. And promising projects for the industrialization of space were closed since over time they would turn into a powerful cluster of corporations not controlled by anyone, but capable of influencing the global economic and political space. They would change the world’s social and political structure from semi-colonial to industrial and cause strong competition for the established system of power.

The real goals of space expansion during the domination of the strategy of the race for records, research programs for the sake of the prestige of power, which obviously will not lead to the colonization of space, were almost forgotten, and public interest in them was lost.

Now, the traditional system of power is in crisis, and the initiative in the development of space expansion is being transferred to non-systematists.

I am one of the non-systemic supporters of the development of space expansion. Seeing that big capital will never support space colonization projects as long as it controls the strategy of space expansion. I have developed the above-described concept of the transformation of humanity into a space civilization, which is not hindered by the development of barriers that restrain traditional astronautics. The development of which depends not on the authorities, but on society and mass business.

The project of space transformation is the transition of the further development of mankind into the channel of building a space civilization. A new global project, with a change in the socio-political system and technological order, with a restart of economic and general civilizational development. Allowing to overcome the current management crisis and give a new impetus to the development of mankind. Allowing to raise development to a previously unattainable height. Available for humanity and for each individual person who is interested in participating in it.

Nikolay Agapov

The Cosmic Expansion website is an information platform for the Network Community ‚Äď Cosmic Expansion, a public business organization whose task is the practical transformation of modern humanity into space civilization. And the media about space, and the prospects for its colonization. The task of which is to promote the development of space expansion in the information and ideological sphere. Through the popularization of the possibilities and prospects of the transition into the space age.

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