What Happens During a Quantum Jump?

Erratum: Figures in the episode should be Minev et al. (2019), not Minney et al. (2009). Our apologies to the authors!

This is the experiment we talk about:

To Catch and Reverse a Quantum Jump Mid-Flight Minev, Mundhada, Shankar, Reinhold, GutiĆ©rrez-JĆ”uregui, Schoelkopf, Mirrahimi, Carmichael & Devoret (2019), Nature, v.570, p.200…

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Since the very beginning of quantum mechanics, a debate has raged about how to interpret its bizarre predictions. And at the heart and origin of that debate is the quantum jump or quantum leap – the seemingly miraculous and instantaneous transitions of quantum systems that have always defied observation or prediction. At least, until now.

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