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2016 Election Issues: Could Barack Obama Be President Jan 21, 2017

Our latest broadcast regarding the general election possibilities. One of which is a candidate not getting the necessary 270 electoral votes. It is a real possibility.

When you consider the fact that the Republican Party will refuse Donald Trump the nomination, which would lead to a third party run. In that third party run Donald Trump would take votes from both the Republican and Democratic nominees.

Which would lead to a Republican nominee who will never get all of the republican vote.

Then you add the demographic issue between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Especially if Hillary Clinton alienates Bernie Sanders. Plus, easily a 20% of the Democrats who will vote for Trump and maybe another 10% to 20% who would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

All of which leads to the 12th and 20th Amendments coming into play. If the House and Senate cannot do their jobs, by Jan 20, 2017, you have a real possibility of Barack Obama remaining President.

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