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Mont Order, LGBT Rights – Wave Chronicle Announcement


The Wave Chronicle has supported the Mont Order for a few years now. On the whole it was a great experience. Recently, we have been working with the Mont Order regarding a core set of values for citizen rights. During this process, a strong anti-LGBT rights was discovered within the heart of the Mont Order organization. Within the core list of rights for citizens, the Wave Chronicle wanted to include Marriage Equality and this was denied as a core value by the head of the Mont Order,  Harry Bentham of Beliefnet. Even though the Mont Order during our conference in February did agree with two statements being issued, one with Marriage Equality and the other without. This would have provided members of the Mont Order who supported LGBT rights to promote those rights. Sadly, this was beyond the pale for the head of the Mont Order, Harry Bentham of Beliefnet.

The Wave Chronicle has some core values, free flow of information being of the highest order, also within the list is support for the LGBT community and Marriage Equality. On these topics we do not bow down to anyone, anything, or any organization. Therefore, the Wave Chronicle will no longer support the Mont Order. Over the next few weeks, we will update and remove any Mont Order images on our various social media sites.

As always the Wave Chronicle will simply move forward as we always do. We had been aligned with Zero State, we had been aligned with The Pratoriate Foundation and we moved forward and continued to grow.

What you will see going forward is more original content from the Wave Chronicle, including some short podcasts topics.

Strive to do more, while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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