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America Failing – The Poisoning Of Children

I cannot believe that in the year of 2016, America has allowed a population within a city to be poisoned by water. I want that simple fact to sink in, an entire city was poisoned by water in the year of 2016. This is an embarrassment of untold proportions and the worst part, it was all about money and greed.

The State of Michigan, The Federal Government, and the local population failed its children. Combined they allowed the future of their own people to be poisoned by an ungodly mix of contaminants. Lead levels has been measured well over the 15ppb limit set by the EPA.

This is why “America is not great anymore”, money and greed caused innocent children to be poisoned. Is saving a few million dollars actually worth all of this. Is fighting between Republicans and Democrats as to who is to blame, worth all of this. I am not letting the corporations off the hook either.

General Motors, Ford, and DOW are leading companies in Michigan and they have responsibilities. General Motors knew in 2014 that the water was bad, because it pulled a engine plant off of city water. As corporations General Motors, Ford and DOW need to step up and solve the situation. It is obvious to a blind man that the State of Michigan and the City of Flint cannot solve the problem. That is why the corporations need to live up to their civic obligations and make a solution to keep children from being poisoned on their own turf.

This situation concerns me because it is as un-American as un-American can get. Our society has to grow above the win at all costs mentality, because it is ruining this nation.

We have to strive to do more, because children should never be poisoned by water in an enlightened society.

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