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Terror Sponsors Say Borders Are Sacred

Originally Published By Club Of Info.

Reports show an increasingly muddled and desperate regime in Turkey clashing with Russia, because of the defeats suffered by Turkish-backed terrorists at Russian and Syrian hands in recent days.

Despite being pushed out of the battlespace by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by Russian airstrikes, the failing Western-backed militants in Syria are clinging to the Turkish border for survival. Here, they depend on streams of men and equipment from the Turkish regime to continue the terror against the people of Syria.

Recently, in full view of the world’s media and global powers, Turkey shot down a Russian jet bomber inside Syrian airspace. Turkey claimed the bomber violated Turkish airspace for a few seconds, but Russia denies this. Even worse, there is evidence that terrorists supported by the Turkish regime murdered an unarmed Russian pilot who escaped the burning aircraft, and later joked on video that they should have tortured him.

What followed was the Turkish regime’s muddled, hypocritical and conflicting rhetoric over the incident with the Russian jet. Turkey is known to have rejected Syria’s reasoning for shooting down Turkish jets that violated Syrian airspace, but has followed even more hostile rules of engagement against Syrian and Russian jets.

In addition, rather than speaking directly with Russia about the incident, Turkey instead called a NATO session, where it cowered and begged for US protection from Russian retaliation. This protection is extremely unlikely, given NATO’s record of only defending US interests and ignoring the interests of lower-ranked allies such as Turkey.

Writing at Counterpunch shortly after the Russian-Turkish air incident in Syria, analyst Mike Whitney noted that Turkey is trying to provoke greater NATO involvement in Syria, possibly even trying to instigate NATO-Russia military buildups in the Syrian territory. The problem here is that Russia is only acting in accord with international law, legally approved within Syria’s airspace, while the NATO side is motivated by the political fantasies of conquest and regime change in Damascus. The rest of NATO is aware of the danger, but Turkey seems to be acting radically and unpredictably in Syria, even by US standards, and may attempt to drag NATO on a war of conquest.

Seeing the danger of having an unpredictable NATO state that wages war on the Kurdish people and shoots down Russian planes, Garrison Center director and Mont blogger Thomas L. Knapp recommended Turkey should be suspended from NATO.

The US, as expected, came out in support of Turkey’s right to protect its “border”, despite the US and its allies violating Syria’s borders and breaking international law on a daily basis. The US and Turkey continue to keep the Turkish “border” wide open in order to supply men and materiel to terror groups inside Syria, despite their hollow rhetoric about the sanctity of borders when it serves their own security.

According to its hypocritical claims, NATO thinks it is okay for war to be waged across the Turkish border into Syria, but unacceptable for there to be any violation of Turkish territory. On one hand we see the West dismissing the borders of non-Western states or even planning to dissolve them. On the other, we see the West aggressively protecting its own national borders from even a tiny, seconds-long violation. In line withthe cult of Western supremacy, the West’s definition of “self-defense” continues to only be about the security of the American regime and its puppet states.

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