Emergentor Has Arrived – Russian Hub Is Open

The Russian Transhumanist Hub has been planned for many years and is now Alive. EMERGENTOR.ORG is online and active.

The site is designed for the Transhumanists, Cyber Punk, and Game Development hub. The website is on Russian Federation servers and thankfully the main language on the site is going to be English. You will see other languages, obviously Russian will be one of them.

Now Russian Transhumanists are not the warm and cuddly West Coast USA, Microsoft / Google people, or East Coast MIT folks. Russian Transhumanists are dark and have an edge to them. They are not politically correct, they have more of a look and feel of Heavy Metal Cyber Punk, so if you need a warm and fuzzy politically correct and sterile environment, this site will not be for you.

What I will tell you is that the people involved running EMERGENTOR.ORG is that they are highly intelligent people and they want to grow the website. These people are worth the time to investigate the site and get into a dialogue with Transhumanists / Futurists from the Russian Federation sphere.

Below is a post from Yarowrath giving a description of EMERGENTOR.ORG .


EMERGENTOR.ORG is an international transhumanist/cypherpunk/gamedev hub, and it’s official primary language is English. However, it’s developed and maintained by ethnic Russians, and it’s legendary early iteration (back in 2007-2008) was 99% Russian. Ergo, it has much more relaxed attitude to what is socially acceptable. It’s not supposed to be “edgy”, it’s just different culture.

Along with East Asian countries like China and Korea, Russia ranks as Survival/Rational culture in Inglehart-Welzel model. That means we cannot put trigger warnings on controversial content here because most of local residents have hard time understanding what “trigger warning” is.

To us, Western morality-focused political culture looks completely alien and irrational. We study it, we understand how it works (maybe even better than you do, by virtue of being outsiders), and we can emulate it, but it makes no sense from our point of view. That includes both sides of Western political spectrum, though it’s safe to say that most Russians are politically on the Right (in the Western sense), even though they consider themselves to be on the Left (in Russian sense): for example, Russian Communists are Russia’s Republicans.

In other words, while EMERGENTOR.ORG is part of Anglosphere, it mostly exists within Russian cultural matrix: for better, or for worse.

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