Manual of Civilization

Author: David J Kelley

One of my favorite organizations is the Long Now. The reason for this is their focus on one simple mission that I strongly believe in. Their focus is on long term thinking and they don’t have the politics and over intellectualization like many other groups I’m familiar with. Their singular focus is on helping society and planning for the long term (ie, say the next 10,000 to 100,000 years). This singular purpose, strong organizational structure and group focus has allowed them to move forward where other groups go where in the real world. Without real action and real measureable results a group is without value.

One of my related passions is this project called the archive and now the library and when I found out the Long Now started the Manual of Civilization project, I was ecstatic. While I might disagree with a book here or there the project itself is one of the most critical projects in the world.

One of the biggest problems with our society is that our knowledge is not well backed up, our advances, our science and our knowledge in the blink of an eye could be gone and more than anything intelligence and knowledge must not be allowed to go out in the universe. We are morally obligated more than saving lives or helping others to preserver knowledge and it is more important than any one individual.

The life of one person cannot compare to the light of knowledge that could easily be gone in the blink of an eye and then there would be nothing of value in the universe.

If you thinking humanity should progress and if you thinking knowledge is of value then one you will recommend books to add to the manual  and you will vote on the ones that have value . Really if you don’t do this then you really can’t be taken seriously. If you not actually taking real action in the real world to protect what we have built then what value are you? Take real action today, if not here then a real project doing something real. Real being defined as being an active scientist, engineer or otherwise contributing to real research and preservation of knowledge, talking and articles etc. are secondary to action.

If you really want to help in an even more real way please help us build the Foundation Library that will open to the public in 2014 which will include all the books from the Manual of Civilization but also additional books in the library based on their value and contribution to civilization. The key goal with the library is to create a sustainable library on and off world that can’t not easily be destroyed and can easily be used with primitive technology. To help you can mail books to the Foundation Address:

David J Kelley

c/o Pratoriate Foundation

10605 SE 240th Street; Suite 210;

Kent, WA 98031

Or send us PDF or electronic versions of books, keep in mind that any electronic books we get cannot be shared due to copy right laws but at least they will be backed up. Please help the Manual of Civilization Project and the Library Project as it could be our only hope to overcome any edge case’s that could destroy our civilization.

Electronic Book Drop:

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