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New Crisis That Will Affect Everyone

The time to prep is now, gas shortages and diesel shortages are going to record the United States very soon, there are currently diesel crisis issues on the East Coast of the United States which will ramp up in the next one two weeks, with sending all of our extra fuel to Europe to add them with their Shortages it will leave the United States hi Andrea, and literally high and dry as in we will see major trucking gas stations in diesel stations that will run dry.

The cost of diesel and fuel is expected to rise in Summer saying upwards of $10 a gallon, people will not be able to handle the high price of gas the inflation of gas and the shortage of gas and diesel, this will be a big problem for many people, the time to prepare is now the time to be a prepper is now in time of SHTF you need to be ready and get what you need before the crisis hits America hard.

On this channel we provide economic updates and emergency preparedness tips with this world news prepping and SHTF has become a household name prepping for SHTF is the idea to prep now is to be ready especially with these diesel shortages and this diesel crisis prepping now for the new crisis will get you ahead with emergency preparedness prepping fuel right now and buying food right now will also help you be prepared so buy gas now top off all your tanks make sure that you are rotating a storage of gasoline make sure that you are and groceries before empty shelves happen.

Prepping is what needs to happen whether you’re a prepper or not or just learning self-reliance and being prepared and having SHTF tips is crucial preparing for these crises ahead of time before it hits you where the sun don’t shine, prepping channels or what you need to be learning from and economic news updates is where you’ll get good information.

Be ready for this massive shortage that will reach across the entire United States stemmed from the supply chain issues of the diesel shortage and the fuel shortages which will quickly go into food shortages supply issues delivery issues and shelves not getting stocked up.

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