The Case For Transhumanism

Transhumanist Steve Fuller pitches his case for transhumanism.

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Humanity is at a turning point, and the question of how we should continue requires us to ask how humans should understand themselves. There’s the posthumanist school of thought, which argues that humans are nothing but upright apes, slowly destroying their own environment through inevitable overpopulation. Then there is the transhumanist school of thought: that humans are exceptional, valuable, and should be privileged.

When did we start thinking of humans as ‘homo sapiens’, and how was this shift a precursor to posthumanism? How was the ancient Greek view of humanity affected by the fact they did not know about man’s relation to apes? Where is the majority of transhumanist research happening, and why is it so important that we’re in the know about what’s going on?

Steve Fuller is a postmodern philosopher. He is Professor of Sociology at Warwick, and author of ‘Popper vs. Kuhn’ and the controversial ‘Dissent Over Descent: Intelligent Design’s Challenge to Darwinism’.

In this course on the IAI Academy, Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick and author of Humanity 2.0 Steve Fuller lays out his vision for the future.

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