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Today We Unite Under President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election. It may have been from a far less than honorable process but at the end of the day, he won.

I understand that a good portion of America wants to fight for Donald Trump and invalidate the election. The honest truth of the matter is, the Republican Party, had control of the FBI, DOJ, and Home Land Security. They had the ability to ensure a fair and honorable election and if you believe that a fair and honorable election did not happen, then you need to take this issue up with the Republican Party Leadership and hold those members accountable.

For the Democrats that behaved far less than honorable, let me make a few things perfectly clear. With Joe Biden winning this election, you abandoned any hope of an anti-war movement. You voted for a WarMonger and you are going to get a WarMonger. You also placed no value on the Cleptocratic nature of Joe Biden, you have now aided and abetted the Biden Family to profit as much as they can during the next four years. 80 Million of you voted for this and more, I will hear no complaining from any of you people on any of the obvious topics. You did this to America all because “Orange Man” was bad. You own the next four years.

Thankfully, this very painful election is over and now as a civilized society, we need to come together. The key thing now is looking outside of your own beliefs and looking at what is good for our nation as a whole. We are many people and yet one. We are one nation, indivisible, and liberty for all. That is something, that no one is ever going to change.

So today, we unite under President-Elect Joe Biden.

May we all live up to the values that our nation espouse.

Mike Dodd

I have a wide range of views and opinions. I have worked in a number of industries some of them are: Banking, Dairy, Health Insurance, Education and Government. I am the owner and editor in charge of a number of websites and message boards. The crown jewel of the websites is which covers a wide variety of content. The Wave Chronicle is a site built to put forth thought provoking information, which can range from activism, politics, technology, philosophy, climate change, education, futurist / transhumanist theory and some fun articles that tend to be on the conspiracy theory side. Finally, I am also an accomplished no limit holdem poker player who sadly does not see enough time at a poker table.

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