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Our Pandemic Dystopian Future

Masked Agenda is a dystopian sci-fi short film set after the Masks were introduced into society to prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccine has been found but is only successful on a few… Kain is a survivor after escaping being locked down in his cell, but the droids are tracking him and he is on the move to get out of the city… is this the end of the world ? or the start of the new one…

A Mandatory Vaccine has been made for everyone worldwide, only a few are left who haven’t been forced to take it. Kain is getting out of the city, remembering how everything quickly changed into a cashless society, and all our movements, data were tracked..

We follow Kain through the Police state in London after the vaccine was taken, drones and AI have taken over the city. Kain is escaping and finding a way out…

Kain explains how Test and Trace were used as the final surveillance tool to actually Track and Trace people’s movement, as he walks in the world of the new normal.

The Great Reset had to happen so the cashless society could be brought in and the one-world government could be introduced… With society now in a Police state and a Mandatory Vaccine now in place. Kain is finding refuge in the empty streets of London in search of a way out…

The Cashless Society was the step before the new world economy called the Global Credit System, which was all part of The Great Reset.

The mental health crisis happened when society was psychologically broken down after the constant government lockdowns. Even when the “experts” told us that lockdowns didn’t work, governments didn’t listen.. no one wanted to accept the plan was to break society and reset the system…

Property seizure was all part of The Great Reset and after the job market was finished, people had no choice but to accept the Universal Basic Income…

The consciousness of the world had become distorted, keeping us in a mind prison. Kain discusses how we became programmed through our sub conscious.

The Dark Winter came and no one expected a cyber attack to bring down the world economy

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Written | Director | Camera | Editor | Music Zachary Denman http://www.zacharydenman.co.uk

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