Should You Get An RFID Implant?

Editors Note: I still do not approve of this technology because the long term risks are unknown. Still, this is a solid topic that should be discussed more and that is why it is a featured article this week. 

In this video I talk about RFID chips, and whether or not it’s a good idea to implant one. In the past couple of years, Sweden has seen a growing number of people getting microchips implanted under their skin. It was once a very niche thing among the most dedicated biohackers. But now it’s becoming mainstream in the tech-savvy and open-minded Scandinavian nation. I’m a proud geek, so I had to dive into this topic:

What is an RFID chip?

How do RFID implants work?

What are the benefits of implanting a chip?

Are there any health risks?

Can the chips be hacked?

Can they be a treat to our privacy?

Here’s what you should know about RFID chips before you implant them into your body.

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