What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube

Who created YouTube? What was Google’s role in developing the second largest search engine? “What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube” is a short documentary detailing the history of YouTube and the information surrounding its latest actions towards creators.


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Understanding Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives

Social Media as a Public Utility:

YouTube LLC

Sequoia could take $480 million from Google/YouTube deal

Hollywood Flashback: ‘SNL’s’ ‘Lazy Sunday’ Put YouTube on the Map in 2005.

What do we know about Nasim Aghdam? oneself?

Google receives Royal visit. Hurley Bio

NBC to Team with YouTube

YouTube stats 2017

As YouTube Turns 14, Here’s What Its Founders Are up to These Days

Finally, Here’s What YouTube’s Investors Made In Sale To Google Sequoia’s Memo on YouTube

This YouTube Investment Memo Shows You the Path to the Perfect Pitch

Mazel tov, Israeli startups: Sequoia Capital raised $200M to fund you

Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance

YouTube’s ‘creator-on-creator’ harassment policy could affect commentary videos

‘Godmother of Silicon Valley’ shares her tips for raising successful people

YouTubers respond to the recent “Vox Adpocalypse” and what it means for the platform

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