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America Failing – How Did Wal-Mart Detention Centers Become The Correct Answer

Pretty much I have remained silent over the child refugee/immigration issue that is ripping apart America.

Understand the real problem was created by the Democratic Party. That is something that always escapes liberals. I see all of this condemnation for the Trump Administration and it is comical at best, disingenuous at most. This is a Democratic Party problem because they wanted to be seen as “tough on immigration” on the various campaign trails over the years. Now that you have a Republican using the laws as it was written everyone is losing their minds.

Then to make matters worse, you have a refugee problem, not an immigration problem. Those people who are arriving on the borders are under threat from where they have come from.

I am not telling you that they should automatically get asylum or that we should bring them within our own arms. What I am telling you is that those people have no options, they are living the no-win scenario and those children are being used as pawns by the adult refugees, by the politicians on both sides, and by the governments that have failed and forced those people to go to America. What I want is for the American people to watch and learn and wait for the political ads that will be coming later on this year. All of the tears, all of the fear, all of the hate coming forth from both parties.

All these politicians went down to the Wal-Mart Detention Centers to “see what is going on” that is BULLSHIT of the highest order. What these useless politicians are doing is selling you. They are selling you what they want you to believe, what you want to fear, and what you want to hate, with no real answers to solve the problem at hand. This will tell you exactly what we have running our nation and why our nation is in trouble today.

The answer that everyone has gone with is that we will now lock up the entire family unit in Wal-Mart Detention Centers…

How did this become the “Politically Correct” answer?

The first thing to bring up, how did Barack Obama actually get the funding to make these Wal-Mart Detention Centers?

The second thing is how did this legislation pass in the first place. These Detention Centers stand against everything that American is. Between bleeding heart liberals and extreme freedom loving libertarian conservatives, this legislation never should have seen the light of day.

I am sure the answer is what it always is. Who is making money off of this problem and what politicians had to be bribed into voting “Yes” on something that is aberrant to American values?

For me, this is an American values issue. Exactly, what is our nation going to be in the future?

I am not happy with what President Trump has done on this issue. That does not mean he is to blame for this entire mess. I wanted my President to stand for acceptable American values and that did not happen. We do not lock up refugees, you may want them to be immigrants, but you know damn right well they are refugees. Jails are not the answer and every single Wal-Mart Detention Center should be closed and demolished. It is not who and what we are. Wal-Mart Detention Centers Are Not Who We Are As A Nation.

The refugees need to be sent home and they should be sent home en mass. As a Nation, we cannot assimilate the entire American continent into our fine nation. We need to get our do-nothing Congress, to pass laws to settle the immigration debate and move on as a nation. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road and hope for a good outcome.

We Are Americans, We Have Values, This Behavior Is Not Who We Are As A People.

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